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History Chapter 10

chapter 10 vocab words

Bedouins Arab nomads
Black Stone A "sacred" meteorite
Allah the Arabic word for god
Hegira Mohammed's flight from mecca
Islam name derived from the Arabic word for surrender
Muslims name derived from the Arabic word for surrender
Koran recitation
caliphs Mohammed's successors
crusades Europe's version of jihads
Arabia A huge peninsula in the middle east
Ishmael Abraham's first son
Medina the city
Yathrib the city where Mohammed and his followers fled
Jews Descendants of Abraham's second son , Isaac
Battle of tours The battle in A.D. 732 that checked the Muslim advance into western Europe
pilgrimage journey to the holy land
Urban II the pope that authorized the crusades
1054 the year the catholic church officially split
1100- 1300 the years during which the crusades occured
Mohammed II leader of the ottoman Turks
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