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W History - Topic 4

Topic 4 Vocabulary

maize corn
stelae in the ancient world, tall, commemorative monuments that were often decorated
chinampas in the Aztec empire, an artificial island used to cultivate crops and made of mud piled atop reed mats that were anchored to the lake bed with willow trees
tribute payment that conquered peoples may be forced to pay their conquerors
adobe a mixture of clay and plant fibers that becomes hard as it dries in the sun and that can be used for building
quipu knotted strings used by Inca officials for record-keeping
ayllu in the Inca empire, a close-knit village
Inti the Inca sun god
pueblos Native American villages of the North American Southwest
kiva large underground chamber that the Anasazi used for religious ceremonies and political meetings
earthworks an embankment or other construction made of earth
potlatch among Native American groups of the Northwest Coast, ceremonial gift-giving by people of high rank and wealth
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