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adobe sun-dried brick used by the Pueblo Indians for building
pueblo an above ground structure with many rooms
kivas underground chambers in a Pueblo village, used by the men for religious ceremonies or councils
maize corn
Iroquois League an alliance of five later six native american tribes formed in 1500s for defense and self-governance
elite a group of persons, or a member of such a group, enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status
slash-and-burn agriculture a farming method in which fields are cleared for farming by cutting down and burning trees and brush
glyphs a symbolic picture carved into a surface
codex books made by Mayans out of the inner bark of wild fig trees
tribute a payment made by conquered peoples to their conquerors in order to obtain security
alliance a formal agreement between two or more nations entered into to advance common interests or causes
Pachacuti Inca leader from 1438 to 1471; with the help of his son, Topa Inca, he extended the Incan empire through the use of military force and political alliances
quipu in Incan society, a cord that contained knotted strings of various lengths, weaves, colors and designs, which functioned as a system of record keeping
census a population count that includes other demographic data
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