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EndocrineH+P PA StFU

Endocrine H+P Pa Prog DM,ect 2005

DM I who most often 8-11y/o white kids what kind of diabetes
DM I what about insulin? don't make it because pancreatic cells dystroyed by autoimmune reaction... what dx?
DMI adn DMII 3 Ps Polyurea, Polydipsia,Polyphagia
DM Polyurea 2ndary to.. osmotic dieresis,,large amount of glucose in blood causes what?
DM mucle cramping due to.. loss of potassium cause what s/s?
DM I symptoms other then 3 Ps weight loss ( significant)..Irritiable.. Fatgiue.. muscle cramping .. Visual changes
DM II Risk Factor Genetics( Nat.Amer.,Hisp,Af.Amer),as well as Famly hx, Obesity... Hx Gestational Diabetes,.. no exercise
DM II to pathogenesis what type of Diabetes: Not making enough insulin or resistant to Insulin
Nonproliferative Diabetic retinopathy Capillaries damaged but no new ones
Cotton wool spots; Often in DM retinas, capillaries close them selves off and get a shiny sheen that make them look white
Charcot's joint neuropathic arthritis; neuropathic arthropathy; ;destructive joint disease caused by diminished proprioceptive sensation, with gradual destruction of the joint by repeated subliminal injury, commonly associated with tabes dorsalis or diabetic neuropathy.
Hgb A1C of 6% : averg. Blood Glucose 120 dl/mg glucose average for 120 days ...what test? value??
Reduction of HdbA1C by 1% decreases risk of what by 35%? diabetic retinopathy what blood test is a good predictor?
Initail screening for nephropathy in DM microalbuminuria
Late finding of DM kidney problem Proteinuria
Gangrene tissue ischemia due to lack of perfusion
proteinuria Protein in urine ,large molecule if found in urine kidney is damaged
Ucler discribe by... Size..deepness..color.. odor
delayed gasttic emptying Gastroparesis
gastroparesis what nerve involed? vagus nerve in DM I and II
Chvostek sign..Disease Parathyroid tap on facial nerve in front of ear.. get facial twitching
Trouseau sign Disease Parathyroid B-P cuffon arm > 20mmhg over pulse sound . ..Look for carpal spasm pos what sign?
IBD Co-Morbid finding with? Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
Cushings' most specific test 24 hr. urinary free Cortisal test specific for?
Pt. has a craving for salt . called? what disease Hypernutremia, found in Addison's Pts.
Metabolic syndrome ( syndrom X) 6 factors Abdominal obesity..2 dyslipidemia..3) HTN..4) Insulin Resistance..5) Prothrombis state..6) Proinflammatory state ( high C-reactive protein)
TRH: Thyrotropin-Releasing Hormone is releasd by?? The Hypothalamus release what ???? to eventually get more thyroid hormone available to the body.
What does the Hypothalmus release to go beg the pituitary to release what? TRH from the hypothalamus tells the pituitary to release TSH.
Secondary hyperthyroidism is what? TSH -secreting Pituitary adenoma is :
Primary hyperthyroidism is: Over production of the thyroid hormone
list 14 PE signs of Hyperthyroid ism: 1)Amennorhea,Oligomenorhea; 2) BM's many; 3)Cardiac Tachy,AFib 4) HOT@! 5)Irritable Hyper 6)Itchy skin 7) Muscle weakness 8 )Palpations9) Proximal Muscle weakness to be specific, 10 ) Sweaty 11) skin moist and warm 12) sleep tbad 13) tremor 14) wt.loss
Diffuse Toxic Goiter also called: Graves Disease
Does Graves disease affects what ? Thyroid gland
Graves is it caused by a gram-neg diplicocci? NO Way !! Graves (or Diffuse Toxic Goiter) is an AUTOIMMUNE ILLNESS
Can Graves'Disease be deadly? Diffuse Toxic Goiter or (Graves ) can lead to a thyroid storm
thyroid storm is also called : thyrotoxicosis
Graves the autoimmune disorder that effects the thyroid ultimatly cause excessive thyrois hormone . How ?give me the 3 H's of Hyper thyroidism due to Graves 1) hyper secretion, 2) Hypertrophy 3) hyperplasia
50 y/o or yunger most common cause of hyperthyroidism is Graves disease also caled (Diffuse Toxic Goiter)
Why dosn't the pituitary stop telling the thyroid gland to stop releaseing hormon in Graves's I mean theres too mush thyroid hormone right? Its not the pitiuitary fault but the auoantibodies produced in Graves that occupy the TSH receptor and keep the thyroid '"turned on". The poor Hypothalmis has no negitive feed back contol through the pituitary any more.
Thyroid storm S/S ( 8) 1) Agitated 2) Cardiovasculat collapse, 3) Coma 4) Delerium 5) Fever 102- 106 6) N/V 7) Psycosis 8) Tachy cardia
Thyroid storm common causes 5-6 1) DM out of control,2) Infection 3 )Post op 4) preg 5) stress 6) Graves untreated
What hormone maintains balance of calcium and phoshate in the body? Parathyroid hormone
if calcium ion concentrations in extracellular fluid fall below normal ( 8.5-10.5 mg/dl) what hormone is secreted normally? PTH Parathyroid hormone is secreted when?
what 3 tasks do PTH do in responce to low Calicum ions inextra cellular fluid? 1)Mobilization of calcium from bone 2)Enhancing absorption of calcium from the small intestine 3)Suppression of calcium loss in urine
PTH tells what to reabsorb bone mineral, liberating calcium into blood. osteoclasts to reabsorb bone mineral, liberating calcium into blood.
what occurs more often HYPER or HYPO parathyroidism? HYPER parathyroid ism is more common then Hypo parathyroidism
Hypoparathyroidism is synonymous with what Electrolyte problem? Hypocalcemia symptoms are the same as Hypo parathyroidism
Chvosteks sign tests for Faicial muscle spasmis induced by Hypo para thyroidism ( or Hypo calcemia)
what is the more sensitve and specific test for hypoparathyroidisim? Trousseua's sign: pos is carpal spasm
Name 7 symptoms of Hypoparathyroid ism 1) paraesthesias of extremities 2) HA 3 Weakness 4) muscle spasm 5) abd. pain 6) nervous 7) altered gait
In hypo parathyroisisim Muscle cramps occur were? Lower back, Legs and feet muscle cramps
what Diagnostic test can you do for hypoparathyroidism? XRay: Bones are very dense, Serum calcium below 6 mg/dl, Phosphate will be high but not in standard electrolyte panel
hypoparathyroid ism serious s/s or complications: 1)Tetany of entire body, 2) Seizers 3) Altered L.O.C. 4 Heart failure ( cant conract)
TX for Hypoparathyroidism:(2) Rx Calcium and Vit D
parathyroid adenoma is the most common cause of : hyperparathyroidism most commont cause
What labs(2) and xray results with hyperparathyroid dx? Labs; serum calcium> 10.5mg/dl, elevated PTH ( low phosphate but not in metabolic panel) And porous bones
Stones,Bones,Abd. Moans with psychiatric overtones refer to s/s of what condition? Hyperparathyroidism
Hyperparathyroid fractures of? 3-4 1) Femur,2) wrist 3 )Arm 4)Vertebrea due to osteoporosis 2ndary to...
A 50 y/o F with cc of " depression,apathy,fatigue, little muscle tone Neuro/muscular weekness, GERD , Vomit, and gout,constipation and kidney stones. Her labs are Calcium 20 mg/dl. what do you say? Cheer up! you may have a renegade parathyroid gland making too much PTH. I'll cut it out.
ACTH is secreted by The Pituitary secretes to stimulate the adrenal glands
CRH is secreted by The hypothalmis sends cortico releasing Hormone to the pituitary
your pituitary has an adenoma is can cause what problems? Excessive ACTH leadig to Cushings,,2) excessive GH leading to Acromegaly 3) excesive TSH leading to hyperthyroidism
I have noticed I am growing a beard and getting a bald spot, ( I am Female) I am geting stretch marks but I am not "with child" though my periods are infrequent. My friends say I loos control of my emotions,this make me depressed,panic and paranoid Help! Dont worry, you look cute with that Buffalo hump and Moon face .. Now pee in to this jar for 24 hrs so we can measure your cortisol
Excess Cortisol causes what syndrome Cushing's syndrome
hypocortisolism is also called? Addison Disease
Adrenal insufficiency is tested how? Addison Disease ( adrena; insufficiency ) is tested by giving ACTH to see if Pt's corisol level goes up if not adrenal glands are not working
Created by: pnelson