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Ancient Greece &Rome

9th Grade World History

City-states independent cities that never united under one government
Frescoes-created by who showed scenes of the Minoan life and religion
Iliad a poem about The Trojan Horse/ Trojan War
Homer wrote the poem about the Trojan Horse called the Iliad
Herodotus Greek historian wrote about the Persian war
Barbarians-who called them that and why the Greeks called the Persians Barbarians because they didn’t speak Greek
Ionia-conquered by: the 1st Greeks conquered by the Persians
Darius the leader of Persia during the war between Persia and Greece, Persian King
Battle of Marathon-Pheidippides he ran back to tell the people of Athens they had won the battle at this place
300 the number of Spartans that held off the Persians at the battle of Thermopylae
Salamis the final battle that was on the water that allowed Athens to defeat Persia
Polytheistic Greek religion is this (belief in many Gods)
Slavery-what did it help the Greeks develop democracy
Philosophy "love of wisdom"
Sophists professional teachers who traveled Greek city-states and charged fees for their teaching
Socrates-was known for continuous questions
Allegory of the Cave-who wrote it Plato
Archimedes Greek mathematician and scientist that discovered the screw and heat ray
Delian League the league led by Athens
Peloponnesian League the league led by Sparta
winner of the Peloponnesian war Sparta
Ancient Greek Olympics-dedicated to who Zeus
Original Olympic Games events long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, running, wrestling, chariot racing
Macedonia-whose hometown was this Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great was able to conquer the land from Macedonia east to where-how far did his empire go India
Why is Alexander so important to Western history-what was he able to spread he preserved the education of the Greeks, maintained the information in libraries, such as in Alexandria, he spread Hellenistic culture all the way to India
Romulus & Remus Roman mythology states Rome was started by them
Plebeians Roman commoner
Patricians Roman aristocrat or nobleman
Slaves lowest part of Roman society
Republic a form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote for their leaders
Consuls in Rome their high office was held by 2 officials- One-year term; During wartime, one was chosen to act as a dictator
12 Tables first written law of code (Roman)
Roman religion was polytheistic & based on what Greek gods
Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage
Hannibal the general who attacked the Romans using elephants
Spartacus the gladiator slave that led a revolt against the Roman Empire
Caesar, Crassus, & Pompey the first triumvirate in Rome that was led by 3 powerful generals
Rubicon River Caesar denied the request from the Senate and Pompey and entered the Italian Peninsula and crossed this
Octavian-Caesar Augustus Octavian becomes the 1st Roman emperor and changes his name to Caesar Augustus
Bread and Circuses to keep the poorest plebeians happy enough and reasonably well fed so that they would not riot; the Roman emperor did this
Jesus-Rome was afraid that Jesus would cause what cause/lead a rebellion
Constantine the emperor that was the 1st to convert to Christianity
Diocletian this emperor divided empire into two parts, east and west
Huns 3 groups invaded Western Rome (pushed the Germanic Tribes)
Visigoths & Vandals 3 groups invaded Western Rome (part of Germanic tribes)
How did the Roman and Greek Empires influence modern society? domes, republic, some religion, laws
Created by: RJEstes