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Enduring Issues G.H.

Overview of definitions to get you

Conflict A serious disagreement or argument. There can be conflict between individuals, groups of people, and even nations.
Desire for Power The influence or control over the behavior of people and it is a part of every human interaction. You can see the effects of power in your relationships with your family and friends, and in schools, sports, business, and government.
Inequity A lack of fairness or justice. When there is inequity, one person or group of people do not have as much power or opportunity as others.
Need for and Impact of Innovation A new method of addressing a problem. Innovations have positive and negative impacts. A new method used to address a problem.
Impact of Interconnectedness The state of having connections or relationships with other people. For example, the more people you know from a neighborhood, the more interconnected you are with it.
Impact of Ideas and Beliefs They shape the way we look at the world. Ideas and beliefs can come from one’s conclusions from observation, religion, parents, books, or friends.
Environmental Impact the area around us in which we live. We are affected by this and we have an effect on it. This is true of your local (your home, your classroom, and your neighborhood) and the larger picture (your state, your country, and the world
Scarcity the state of not having enough of something. Everything we use in our daily life comes from the Earth and there is a limited supply of resources on this planet. Some places have access to more water than others, some have access to oil.
Population Growth This occurs when more people are born than die and for most of global history, the number of people on Earth has increased.
Created by: Eric Walker