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Module 15 - Reformation and Upheaval

What helped weaken the Church? The printing press
Who admitted to having several children as the pope? Pope Alexander VI
What did Martin Luther's parents want him to be? A lawyer
Who sold pardons? Tetzel
How many reforms did Luther write to the Church. 95
Why did people start resenting the Church? The Church focused more on money instead of getting people to heaven
How many branches were created as a result of the Reformation? There were 12 main branches created
What group did Luther make as a result of the corruption? The Lutherans
Who was John Calvin? He strongly agreed with Luther's ideas and spread them
What did Calvin say that was so controversial? He said that god already knows wether you go to heaven or not
What area did Calvin and others control? Geneva
Who was influenced by Calvin? John Knox
Where did John Knox go to spread Calvin's ideas? Scotland
What did Anabaptists believe in? They believed that if you're baptized as a child, you should be baptized as an adult
What key role did women help in the Reformation? They saved Calvin from getting executed and showed that they too have power
Who 2 people helped the Catholic Reformation? Girolamo Savonarola and Ignatius of Loyola
What did Girolamo do that created "the bonfire of the vanities"? He burned a bunch of gold and jewlry
What was the book that Ignatius wrote called? Spiritual Exercises
What were members of the Society of Jesus called? Jesuits
What is the name of the women that heavily influenced the Catholic Reformation? Teresa
What was the Roman Inquisition? It was where they went and tortured Protestants and others
Which 2 people used the Inquisition as a means for more power? Ferdinand and Isabella
What usual groups of people were killed in witch trials? Women and the poor
What was the rebellion called where tens of thousands of peasants stormed castles? Peasants' War
About how many Huguenots were killed by the Catholics? 12,000
Created by: 22tchan