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Human Geo. Ch.3

movement to a new location migration
why would someone want to move from one place to another political, religion, military, natural disaster, need more space, college, vacation, climate, families, marriage etc.
what does migration involve 2-way connections
migration from a location emigration
migration to a location immigration
the difference between immigrants and emmigrants net migration
can net migration be a positive number yes
if net migration is positive what does a region have net in-migration meaning the number of immigrants is greater than the number of emigrants
if net migration in negative what does a region have net out-migration meaning the number of emigrants is greater than the number of immigrants
covering all types of movements from one place to another mobility
what is migration a form of mobility
movement away from home for a short period of time; characteristics: short term, repetive cyclical migration
what is an example of cyclical migration commuting to school/work
movement away from home for an extended period of time seasonal migration
what is an example of seasonal migration going away to college
what is the decision to migrate made of push and pull factors
induce people to move out of their present location push factors
induce people to move into a new location pull factors
something negative about where you live push factor
something positive about another place pull factor
something that forces you out of your country forced migration
what are the 3 main kinds of factors for migration economic, cultural, environmental
what is an example of an economic factor better job opportunities
what is an example of cultural factors slavery and political instability
people who have been forced to migrate from their homes and cannot return for fear of persecution refugees
what is an example of an environmental factor adverse physical conditions
are intervening obstacles positive or negative negative
something which hinders someone from getting to their planned destination intervening obstacle
in the past what were most intervening obstacles environmental; ex. bodies of water
what are most intervening obstacles today cultural or political
are intervening opportunities positive or negative positive
permanent movement from one country to another international migration
permanent movement within a country internal migration
movement from one region of a country to another interregional migration
movement within a region intraregional migration
what would be an example of intraregional migration moving from Texas to Louisiana
implies that the migrant has chosen to move for economic improvement voluntary migration
what does it mean if it's an economic push or pull factor it's for a job
the migrant has been compelled to move by cultural factors forced migration
what kind of factors normally compel forced migration cultural
what plays a role in how far people migrate distance
due to the distance-decay principle, international migrants are ____________________ numerous than internal migrants much less
what would be some reasons you would prefer to migrate within your county language, people are like you, already a citizen
when a migrant follows a path of series of stages or steps toward a final destination step migration
when a migrant communicates to family and friends at home, encouraging further migration along the same path chain migration
what are E.G. Ravenstein's 7 laws of migration ~most migrants only go short distances ~long-distance migrants favor big cities ~most migration is step migration ~most migration is rural to urban ~each flow has a counter flow ~most migrants are adults ~most migrants are young males
what are the 2 revisions to Ravenstein's laws ~more migrants are female ~most migrants are among the best educated (brain drain)
changing immigration laws, and changing push and pull factors create ____________ of immigration waves
laws that restrict or allow migration of certain groups into a country immigration laws
limit the number of migrants from each region into a country quotas
a country uses ____________________ immigration to bar people with certain ______________ from entering selective; backgrounds
people who are forced to migrate from their home country and cannot return for fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a social group, or political opinion refugee
what is an example of a refugee Jews fleeing Europe during Hitler's reign
people who temporarily migrate to a new country for employment opportunities guest worker
what kind of jobs do guest workers usually do low skill, low status jobs
payments to guest worker's families rmittance
people who are entering the country without proper documentation unauthorized immigrants
where does 59% of America's illegal immigrants come from Mexico
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