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Unit 1 Aztecs/Incas

How did the Aztecs bring in fresh water to the city of Tenochtitlan? aqueducts
What was the capital of the Aztec Empire? Tenochtitlan
What was the capital of the Inca Empire? Cusco
What agricultural achievement did the Aztecs invent? chinampas
What agricultural achievement did the Incas invent? terrace farming
What was the war called that the Aztecs waged in order to gather more sacrifices for their religious festivals? Flower wars
What was sacrificed during the capacocha ceremony of the Inca empire because they were considered pure beings? children
Tenochtitlan was located in what modern day city? Mexico City
What physical characteristic of the Aztec empire was a natural defense of Tenochtitlan against their enemies? Lake Texcoco
Which role in the Aztec empire was important because of their wealth and influence: including maintaining calendars, advise warriors, and perform rituals? priests
What language did the Inca empire force all of its citizens to learn and speak? Quechuan
What made trade and communication easier for the Incas along the Andes Mountains? Inca Road
What system of knots were used to record information and provide the empire with a consistent way to relay messages? quipu
What vocab term describes the practice of worshiping many gods? polytheism
What mountain range runs along the Inca empire that impacted their culture? Andes Mountains
What type of government did the Inca empire have? strict monarchy
Which emperor is credited for uniting the Inca empire and ruling during it's height? Pachacuti
How did the Aztecs meet their needs after settling on Lake Texcoco? built aqueducts that brought fresh water
Why did the Aztecs have to conquer neighboring tribes? to gain tribute from newly gained territories
Why did the Incas require every citizen to learn Quechua? to promote unity in their large empire
How did the Inca make sure they could feed the empire in times of war, drought, or flooding? used colcas or food storage huts
What records were often recorded on quipu? important events, births, deaths, and amount of food in storage
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