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GSE WS6 CH.7 Review

Why is the European Plain important to Russia? major source of arable land
Which of the following lists shows Russia’s natural resources? gold, aluminum, coal, iron, oil, gas
On which two continents is Russia located? Europe and Asia
Why are Russians unable to take advantage of Russia’s long coastline for trade and transportation? freezing temperatures and frozen water
What is hydroelectricity? electricity created by water
What is deforestation? removal of an area of forest
Read the newspaper headlines below to answer the question. Some headlines from the Soviet Times in 1986 "Thousands of people exposed to radiation! Troops sent in to evacuate residents! Water contaminated; millions at risk!" _______ Which event are the headlines above describing? Chernobyl nuclear disaster
What type of government did Russia have after the Russian Revolution? communism
After the Russian Revolution, what was the new name of Russia? Soviet Union
Read the information below to answer the question. Superpowers Space Race Nuclear Threat _______ What are the statements above describing? Cold War
What type of government does Russia have? modified presidential democracy
Which person or group has the most power in the Russian government? president
Read the information below. Leo is a member of the Russian government. He represents the Siberian Federal District. Leo has been appointed to his position for five years by the state council. _______ Based on the information in the box, which position does Leo have in the Russian government? Federation Council representative
Who do citizens elect in the Russian government? President and State Duma members
Look at the Economic Continuum below to answer the question. ____________________________________________________ Command Russia Market How has Russia’s economy moved on the economic continuum since the fall of the Soviet Union? moved more toward a pure market economy
Why has the Russian government used tariffs on goods imported from the European Union? they want to protect Russian businesses from competition
What is protectionism? when a country’s government protects its industries from foreign competition
On which resource does the Russian economy rely? oil
If you are traveling to see Red Square in Moscow, what will you have to do in order to buy souvenirs? change American dollars to Russian Rubles
What is the purpose of the Bilateral Presidential Commission? improve cooperation and stability between the countries
Constructed Response Student Response requirements: The student clearly explains how the geography and climate of Russia determine where people live and trade in Russia. The student uses specific examples of the impact of location.
Constructed Response;Write a short paragraph answering the following question: Explain how the end of the Soviet Union led to the end of the Cold War. Student Response requirements: The student clearly explains how the end of the end of the Soviet Union led to the end of the Cold War. The student includes information about Gorbachev’s leadership of the USSR.
Created by: jpkelley