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Discov TB Unit 1.2

Places, Regions, and People

map a flat, two-dimensional representation of physical space
place an area or location having boundaries, either definite or indefinite
physical map focuses on the topography characteristics of the earth
elevation also called altitude, refers to the height of land above sea level
landform any natural feature of Earth’s surface
desert an arid region, which means that it receives little precipitation
key/legend use this to decode a map
political map shows the boundaries defining countries and their districts, such as states, provinces, counties, and cites
climate the general atmospheric conditions, or weather, of a particular location over a long period of time
thematic map shows information about a special attribute within a geographic area
vegetation another word for plant life
population all of the people who live in a certain region, city, or nation
population density is a measure of the number of people per unit area
population distribution the study of the arrangement of where people live
continent a large, continuous mass of land
region an area of land with unique characteristics that distinguish it from other areas
bay a large, crescent-shaped cove or inlet of the sea, partly surrounded by land
culture the shared characteristics of a group of people that can include customs, arts, social institutions, food, and beliefs
cultural region an area of land where people share common customs and beliefs
mental map the way that people organize and remember knowledge in their minds
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