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Chapter Eight

Review the following terms of Chapter 8

A deep devotion and love for your own people is called? Nationalism
People who wanted a traditional absolute monarchy Conservatism
People who wanted the monarch to share power with the people Liberalism
People who wanted a democracy and an end to the monarchy Radicalism
Movement that focused on the feelings and emotions of individuals, nature, beauty, folk stories Romanticism
Movement that focused on life as it really was, the harsh negatives of the Industrial world Realism
Movement using light in order to capture one moment in time through the eyes of the artist Impressionism
Otto Von Bismarck Leader of the German unification movement, father of Germany
Giuseppe Garibaldi Leader of the Southern Italy unification movement and Red Shirt Army
Toussaint L'Ouverture Father of the Haitian Revolution, led first successful black/slave revolt
Miguel Hidalgo Father of Mexican Independence, led the El Grito de Dolores movement and march on Mexico city
Simon Bolivar El Libertador, Liberator of South America, led a movement against Spain, freed South America
Count Cavour Leader of the Northern Italian unification movement, became 1st Prime Minister of Italy
Created by: jgordon86