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Chapter 3 God's Myst

"For the word of God is __________ and effective and sharper than any two-edged___________." Heb. 4:12 living, sword
How would you answer, "Is Sacred Scripture true?" It teaches God's Truth without error.
"Ignorance of __________ is ignorance of __________." St. Jerome scripture, Christ
What does "bible" mean? books
What is the canon of scripture? The list of books determined to be Divinely inspired by God.
This word means testament of promise. covenant
The literal understanding of scripture is called_____. exegesis
Where do we get our Catholic Faith or What is the Deposit of Faith? Sacred Scripture + Sacred Tradition
Easter Triduum = Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil/Easter
Turning our hearts back to God is called... conversion
The tiny words at the bottom of a page that further explain the passage footnotes
The birth of the Church happened on ________. Pentecost
When you examine your ___________, you ask yourself how you behaved/did not behave as Christ would. conscience
This season begins in late November or early December. The readings focus on the coming of Jesus. Advent
This season ends on the Epiphany. The readings focus on the Incarnation. Christmas
This is the "green" season. The readings focus on the miracles and teachings of Jesus. Ordinary time
This begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Thursday. Readings focus on conversion. Lent
This season stretches 50 days! It ends on Pentecost. Easter
How many books are in the Catholic OT? 46
How many books are in the NT? 27
Are Catholic bibles longer than Protestant bibles? Yes
What 3 languages was the bible originally written in? Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic
Who has the responsibility for interpreting scripture for us with the help of the Holy Spirit? The Magisterium
OT or NT? tells about how Jesus fulfills the covenants of the past NT
The OT tells us about God's plan of salvation from creation until just before _______ was born. Jesus
The last book of the NT was written by John the Evangelist. What is it? Revelation
Who is the New and Everlasting covenant? Jesus
Who received the promise of the Promised Land? Moses
Who received the promise of a rainbow? Noah
Who received a promise that He would have a ton of descendants even though he was OLD and hadn't had any children yet? Abraham
Created by: Dana Doyle
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