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Lippy - Unit 1

adapt to adjust or change based on the environment.
agriculture this is the combination of growing crops and domesticating animals
archeologists people who dig up and investigate artifacts
communities these got larger during the Neolithic Age because they could grow enough food to support the population
detectives people who study the past are like people in this profession
domesticate to train a wild animal to be useful to humans
farming the invention of this started the New Stone Age
fertile this term means that the area is good for growing crops
Fertile Crescent crescent-shaped area in southwest Asia that was good for growing crops
food people in the Paleolithic Age spent most of their time trying to find this
geographers people who analyze the location of an area and map the past
historians people who investigate written documents and record the past
irrigate this means to bring water to a dry place
Mesopotamia this word means "between the rivers"
metal tools this invention ended the New Stone Age
modify to change the environment to meet one's needs
Neolithic Age this is name for the New Stone Age
nomad a person who moves from place to place
Paleolithic Age this is the name for the Old Stone Age
permanent shelter in the New Stone Age was this, which means that it didn't need to be moved
specialized this term describes jobs in the New Stone Age
temporary shelter in the Old Stone Age was this, which means it wouldn't need to last long
water irrigation systems were created to control the amount of this in a valley
cuneiform first system of writing created in Sumer. It used wedge-shaped characters and was often written on clay.
Created by: MrsLippy