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Phillips Global

(Phillips) - Unit 2 - Early Civ vocab

fertile able to grow crops
pass an open place in a mountain
peninsula land surrounded by water on three sides
subcontinent a large piece of land that is somewhat smaller than a continent
district a certain area of a place
silt a rich layer of soil left behind after a flood
irrigate to bring water to fields and crops
pictogram a picture symbol, or figure; a type of early writing
Neolithic Revolution change from people being nomads to settled civilzations; people change from hunters and gatherers to farmers
Hinduism the main religion of India that stress the belief in the Vedas
religious having to do with a belief in a higher being
caste a class of people in India
cycle events that keep happening, one after another
reincarnation the rebirth of the soul into a new body
dharma duties of your caste
karma balance of good and bad actions
monotheistic belief in one god
polytheistic belief in many gods
isolate to keep apart or away from others
plateau a flat area that rises above the land close by
canal a waterway made by humans
artisan a people who makes useful, and often beautiful, objects for everyday use
dynasty a family that rules a country over a long period of time
millet a type of grain
noble a person of high birth
character in language, a symbol that means something
scribe in ancient times, a person who could read and write
city-state a city surrounded by villages on the surrounding land
temple a place in which to honor gods
ziggurat a building like a pyramid with a base and four sides and a top smaller than the bottom
cuneiform Sumerian writing
stylus a sharp, pointed writing tool
Fertile Crescent an area of land in the Middle East shaped like a quarter moon
navigate to steer or sail a boat or ship
commandment a rule, or way to act
covenant an agreement
Judaism the religion developed by the Hebrews taht Jews practice today
morality the right way of behaving around others
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