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Reform Vocab

Reformation Vocabulary

95 Thesis Martin Luther’s written protests against the Catholic Church in the 1500’s that he nailed to the church door.
Lutherans followers of Martin Luther’s teachings
excommunicated kicked out
reaffirmed say again
vernacular languages
Index a list of books the Catholic Church published that good Catholics were not supposed to read.
Council of Trent a meeting set up in 1545 by Pope Paul III designed for bishops and cardinals to review all the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Calvinists believed that God had already chosen a group, the elect, for heaven.
Protestantism the faith of the Protestants
finance pay for
indulgence selling forgiveness from sins
Protestant Reformation a revolt against the Catholic Church started by Martin Luther in the 1500’s
heretics nonbelievers
Catholic Reformation the Catholic Church defending itself against the Protestant movement
Jesuits priests of the Society of Jesus whose main purpose was stopping converts to Protestantism
Protestants those who revolted against the Catholic practices.
Protestants those who revolted against the Catholic practices.
Created by: mmsgolfer