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CLSS Exam 1

Classical Mythology exam

A _____ can be oral, or it may be conveyed in painting or ritual, dance, or in songs, etc. myth
comes from the Greek word "mythos" myth
Means word, speech, tale, story, etc. : mythos
Myths are the religions of what ancient groups? Greeks & Romans
These are the stories of the gods, and sometimes of their relationships with humans: True myth
These are based on historical fact: saga/legend
These are traditional tales involving wicked sisters, fantastic creatures, mistaken identity, labors...: Folktales/fairytales
Fairy tales of folk tales involve: riddles, dangerous, challenging adventures in which the hero and heroine always win in the end
These are viewed as having more magic involved and are specifically made for the young Fairy tales
These are viewed as being more traditional and rustic Folk tales
_____, ______, and _______ are all types of traditional tales that all overlap to some degree and are sometimes difficult to distinguish apart True myth, saga, and fairy tale
This is truth to the society which developed that particular body of myth mythology
He said myth is a "tale satisfying human yearning for fundamental orientation rooted in religious aura of a sacred timelessness Mircea Eliade
Explains causes: Etiological
Etiologial comes from what Greek word? aitia
Aitia means: cause
This view says myths explain facts that cannot otherwise be explained within the limits of society's knowledge at the time Etiological
His blood stained the mulberries and turned them red: Thisbe
He claimed that the gods were men deified for their great deeds Euhemerus
Who is Zeus's father? Cronus
What is the opposite of the theory, Euhemerism? Metaphorical interpretation
Who believed all myths were nature, referring to meteorological and cosmological phenomena? Max Muller
Who, using allegorical properties of mythology, emphasized on sexuality, symbolism," dream work", etc.? Sigmund Freud
According to Freud, the male's first sexual impulse is towards the mother, and thus his first aggressive impulse is against the father. This is called: the Oepidus complex
According to Freud, dreams address the deepest confusions and conflicts in our souls. He also believed this did the same: myths
In the totemic system, what did totems (perhaps animals) take the place of? slain fathers
This is a tendency to form such representations of a motif which are representations that can vary a great deal in detail w/o losing their basic pattern archetype
A term coined by Carl Jung which refers to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species collective unconscious
Great Mother, the Wise Old Man, the Shadow, the Tower, Water, etc. are: universal symbols/archetypes
This is a kind of dramatic abbreviation of the patterns involved in an entire story or situation, basically a behavior pattern: archetypes
This links myth with ritual: The Golden Bough
He was a ritualist who believed that myth was the interpretation of ritual which was also often recorded on temple walls, vases, seals, chests, shields, tapestries, etc. He also distinguished "true myth" from 12 other categories: Robert Graves
This is an attempt to organize myths by analyzing their component parts: structuralism
He acknowledged the link b/w myth and society; understood myth as communication and emphasized structure: Claude Levi Strauss
Structure, meaning 31 units of action (motifemes) constant in traditional tales is referred to who? Vladimir Propp
The Sistine Chapel Ceiling by Michelangelo existed from what time? 1508-1512
This analyzes and compares myths of different societies to find similarities and differences: comparative mythology
He is the most popular comparative mythologist whose work consists of myths of all sorts, such as oral, literary, Classical, primitive, etc.: Joseph Campbell
The wife of Augustus: Livia
The mistress of Pericles: Aspasia
equally compulsive virginity is symbolized by these women: Artemis and Aphrodite
When a god rapes a mortal woman, what is always the result? bearing a child who usually becomes a hero
Who is Ganymede? a man who was raped by Zeus in classical mythology
We get the word "lesbian" from who? Sappho
She is a historical woman of Lesbos, who wrote love poetry to other women: Sappho
This is a story that, through its classical form, has attained a kind of immortality because its inherent archetypical beauty, profundity, and power have inspired rewarding renewal and transformation by successive generations classical myth
He was the archaic excavator of Troy, Mycenae who destroyed just as much as he discovered Heinrich Schliemann (Mr. think he slick)
These people lived during this era, 1600-1100 B.C.: Mycenaean Civilization
He is the Greek leader of the Trojan War: Agamemnon
When did Schliemann excavate Mycenae? 1876
He was the excavator of Minoan civilization on Crete: Sir Arthur Evans
These people lived during this era, 1600-1400 B.C.: Minoans
This is a kingdom of the sea, which covered Crete, the islands, and possibly parts of mainland Greece: thalassocracy
The term "Minoan" comes from the name...: Minos
He was a legendary king of Crete Minos
Minos became known as a ______ in the underworld in later Greek Mythology judge
Legends of the Labyrinth were inspired by the: Castle in Crete
Minotaur comes from "Minos" + "Taurus" which means: Minos bull
Labyrinth comes from the word: Labrys
The Minoans were believed to worship what? a mother goddess
This means "referring to the earth or under the earth" Chthonian (snakes are an example)
This may have given rise to the legend of Atlantis, mentioned by Plato: Thera
What is Thera?
This is the great gateway to the mighty city of Mycenae "rich in gold": The Lion Gate
Why are they called "cyclopean" walls? there was belief that the Cyclopes built them
Which culture had fortified palaces, and which lacked walls altogether? Mycenaeans, Minoans
These types of graves consisted of buried treasures and were used by the Myceneans: shaft graves
Which graves were used after the shaft graves and date from about 15th-14th century B.C.? tholos (tombs)
This was the architectural ancestor of the Greek temple that only Mycenaeans featured: megaron
Which culture had a deciphered language in 1952, Minoan or Mycenaean? Mycenaean
Who deciphered the Mycenaean language that mentioned stories of the gods? Michael Ventris
These people launched an invasion against the rich city of Troy: Mycenaean
This city occupied an important place b/w Asia & Europe Troy
Besik Tepe was once considered to be a tomb to ancient Greeks & Romans called: the Tomb of Achilles
This alphabet was developed 400 years after the fall of the Mycenaean culture and was adopted from the Phoenician alphabet: Classical Greek alphabet
He believed that Hissarlik was the site of Troy: Frank Calvert
He continued the excavation of Troy after Schliemann from 1882-1890: Wilhelm Dorpfeld
He re-examined the site of Troy from 1932-1938) Carl Blegan
He was the latest excavator of Troy (1988): Manfred Korfmann
Carl Blegan also discovered the ______ palace at Pylos (southern Greece) in 1939: Mycenaean
One of the foremost types of myth is: creation myth
Our two greatest surviving sources for creation myth are: Hesiod & Ovid
Who wrote Theogony and Works & Days? Hesiod
Created by: tparker31