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Ancient History

what was done to inform Athenians of the victory in the battle of Marathon? the Athenians were informed of the battle of Marathon victory bye a messenger pheidippides who ran 25 miles to deliver the message and then died from exhaustion .
what is Herodotus known for? Herodotus was a Greek who is called the"father of history " because he was one of the first men to seriously study and write about the events of the past and document the things going on around him.
while the writings of Herodotus are very important what concern about them has been raised ? Herodotus may not have been completely accurate in how he recorded events and may have written some things that weren't true in order to make the stories more interesting.
when Darius I started a type of postal system, how did Herodotus describe it ? Herodotus wrote the famous word "not snow no, nor, rain,nor heat,nor night keeps them from accomplishing their appointed course with all speed."
who was Xerxes I ? Xerxes i was a Persian king who hated the Greeks like his father,king Darius I, did and sent out to defeat them in 480 B.C. which was only 10 years after the battle of marathon. he was also married to Esther.
what did Xerxes I do to invade Greece ? To invade Greece Xerxes I lined up ships side by side through the entire strait of Hellespont and placed a bridge over them. the bridge was so long that it took his army of 200,000 seven days to cross it !
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which of the seven wonders of the world was located in Olympia in Greece? The statue of Zeus was built in Olympia it stood 40 feet high and was inlaid with jewels gold and ivory .
who was Ezra? Ezra was Jewish priest and scribe who lived in Babylonia under Persian rule. he felt that God wanted him to return to Jerusalem to teach the people about living right before God.
whose permission did Ezra need in order to leave Babylonia and go to Jerusalem? Ezra had to ask permission from Artaxerxes, the king of Persia. he was the son of Xerxes i and would likely have been very influenced by Ether who was either his mother or stepmother
what happened when Ezra asked Artaxerxes for permission to return to Jerusalem ? Artaxerxes not only gave permission for Ezra to return to Jerusalem but he paid for the trip!
was Ezra's trip successful? yes Ezra successfully returned to Jerusalem with a thousand of other Jews Ezra's leadership the Jewish people returned to proper worship and religious practices.
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what did the Jews do when the rebuilding of the walls was complete? who was the celebrity host of ceremonies? when the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt a census was taken guards were put in place the walls were dedicted and the word of God was restored the book of the law was read pubilcly and Ezra was the host of ceremonies.
who was Pericles ? Pericles was a Greek man who lived during the golden age of athens . he was considered a grat speaker and the strongest politicion during that time..
What is the differnce between a direct democracy and a republic ? in a direct democracy citizens vote for their leaders and have a direct say in government affairs in a rebulic citizens vote for particular men or women to represnt them in decisions made by and for government both systems give citizens the right to v
What happened to Athens and Pericles? Sparta became jealous of the Athenians and cut off the citys water and food supply A plague broke out and killed many inclu Pericles with out his constant encouragement the city never recovered
What was the Peloponnese war? The Peloponnese war was a war between the Athenians and the Spartans Two Greek cit y stats that never got along .
why didn't the Athenians and Spartens get along ? Athens and Sparta did not get along because the were two completely different cultures the Spartans were alwas training for war and survival the Athenians were very advanced
how long did it take the Jews to rebuild the walls once they started? it took only 52 days for the jews to to rebuild the walls of jeruslem this was miraculous beacuse there was much ruin and the often worked with a weapon in one hand beacuse of the constant threat from enemies
who was nehemiah ? Nehmiah was a jew living in Persia who was cupbearrer to king Artaxerxes and received the kings blessing and provisions to retrune to Jerusalem for 12 years to oversee the rebuilding of the walls .
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who won the war between the Athenians and the Spartans? The Spartans won the Peloponnesian war but were unable to maintain their culture as lasting conquerors theyy were very burtal and destroyed not just the people of Athens but democracy itself
who was Malachi? Malachi was the last of the Old testament proophets befor a 400- year silence from God.
what was the rebuke from god that Malachi shared with the Jews? through Malachi God rebuked the Jews for not giveing their best offerings for people astray and for the priests who were leading people astray and for the mistreatment of wives God also reminded them that he hates divorce
what encouragement did Malachi deliver from God? Through Malachi God told the Israelites that there would be eternal blessing for those who truly loved him and eternal punishment for those who never really served him he told them he would send a messenger 9 john the baptist followed by himself
who was Plato? Plato was highly educated Greek man who had been a student and recoreder of socrates teaching and who then founded the first university called the Academy
who was Aristotle? Aristotle was a brilliant student of Platos at the Academy who furthered the teachings ogf both socrates and Plto and established a school named the Lyceum.
Who became Aristotle's student ? Alexander the grreat the son of Philip II of Macedonia was a student of Aristotle's
Who was Philip II of Macedonia ? Philip II of Macedonia was the younger brother of the king of Macedonia who was defeated by the thebians Philip was then held hostage through much of his childhood eventually he was released became king of Macedonia and ruled for many years
What is Philip II of Macedonia most remembered for ? Philip II is remembered for being a brillient leader who expanded the Macedonian kingdom by uniting almost all the Greek city - states together- through it was a bloody reign
what was the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus? The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of the worled built in 353 B.C. by Queen Artemisia as a Tomb for king Mausolus And was so tall and beautiful that all tall tombs became known as Mausoleums after that
Who was Alexander the great ? Alexander the Great was the son of Philip II of Macedonia he was also a student of Aristotle he beacame king Of macedonia at the age of 20 when his father died Alexander eventually claimed to be a god
What is Alexander the great Known for ? Alexander is Known for setting out to conquer more land than was ever ruled by by one person before he managed to conquer most of the world as it was then known which spread the ideas of Greece throughout the Mediterranean
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What stopped Alexander the great from ruling even more of the known world? Alexander the great died suddenly at age 33 from unknown causes. Even though he conquered a large part of the worked he lived a cruel drunken and prideful life
What intertestamental period? the intertestamental period is the 400 years between the the events of the old and new testaments Alexander the great's empire reached its height during this period.
Why didn't Alexander the great destroy Jerusalem? Alexander the great did not destroy Jerusalem because when he arrived there some priests went out and showed him the prophecy of Danial written 300 years before which told of Alexander's coming he was so impressed he left the city alone
what eventually happened to Alexander the Great's empire ? as prophesied Alexander's empire was divide between four generals eventually three dynasties remained Optional Alexanders unification of many countries and the spread of the Greek language later helped to spread the gospel throughout the known world
Who was Archimedes ? Archimedes was a brilliant Greek mathematician and inventor whose ideas are still in use today .
what inventions or ideas are credited to Archimedes? Archimedes is credited with the Archimedes screw which is still used today for irrigation the use of a lever and pulley the meaning of pi and the theory of displacement.
what happens to Archimedes? Archimedes died during an attack on the city by the Romans he was supposed to be protected but a roman soldier killed him.
who was emperor Asoka of ind ? Emperor Asoka of India is the most famous of the Mauryan dynasty rulers he changed the major religion of India from Hinduism to Buddhism
what did emperor Asoka put on multitude of rock pillars he placed throughout India ? the many pillars Emperor Asoka placed throughout India were inscribed with moral edicts instructions on how to live and were written in the common language of the hindu people
did Emperor Asoka efforts to convert people to Buddhism last? Emperor Asoka's efforts to convert people to Buddhism were not long lasting shortly after his death the Mauryan empire broke up and most of India returned to practicing Hinduism
what is the Septuagint ? the Septuagint is a group of ancient manuscripts that are the oldest Greek translation of the Hebrew Old testament
who was responsible for the Septuagint and why ? Jews living in Egypt had lost their knowledge of Hebrew and could no longer read the original Scriptures so Ptolemy II Philadelphus arranged for the Hebrew old testament to be translated into Greek
What was the Colossus of Rhodes? the colossus of Rhodes is one of the seven wonders of the worled . it was a giant 105 foot tall statue of Helios the Greek sun god built in the 200s B.C. at the harbor entrance of Rhodes
who was Qin Ch;in Qin was the man who united the feuending states in Asia into one government and gave himself the title of shi Huang ti which means first Emperor of china
What was Qin 's most notable achievement " Qins most n Achievement was the building of the great wall of china to protect the country from invaders
While Qin accomplished much in building and establishing China he had a cruel side what did he do ? Qin was very cruel to anyone whose beliefs were threatening to him he imposed high taxes he executed more than 400 scholars and he he buried thousands of history books write before his reign so that history would being with him
what were the puic wars ? The punic wars were battles between Carthage a great trading city in northern Africa that had been a Phoenician colony and Rome the city that wanted to rule the entire Mediterranean world
who was Hannibal ? Hannibal was a brilliant general who hated the Romans and used elephants to cross the Alps in a surprise Attack
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