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WH Wynn U5 Review

Islam and Africa

Swahili is a mixture of what 2 languages? Arabic and Bantu
Who do Muslims believe is the last and greatest of the prophets? Muhammad
What 2 products dominated trade across the Sahara Desert? gold and salt
What is one word that can describe Muslim trade routes? extensive
What Islamic sect believes any pious Muslim man can be a religious leader? Sunni
What 4 things are characteristic of Islamic art? no human images, calligraphy, geometric designs, arabesques (designs based on nature)
Who brought Islam and the Arabic language to Africa? Muslim traders
What were some technological achievements of Islamic culture? astrolabe, quadrant
Why did Bantu-speakers migrate south instead of north? the Sahara Desert was blocking them to the north
What was the split between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims about? who would be caliph
What Islamic sect believes only descendants of Ali & Fatima can be religious leaders? Shi'a
What was the most likely cause of the Bantu migrations? a sudden change in climate
This Ottoman ruler used a grand vizier and a council to help him govern the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman the Magnificient
What were some mathematical achievements of Islamic culture? Indo-Arabic numerals, algebra
When the Ottomans conquered this city, it gave them a trading center and a cultural and governmental capital. Constantinople (Istanbul)
Muslim caliphates impacted Africa by helping them establish a _____ to India and China. trade network
The most important requirements for practicing Islam are called the _______. Five Pillars
In what 2 ways did African societies preserve their history? through griots and epic stories
How did Shah Abbas the Great strengthen the Safavid Empire? by tolerating non-Muslims & encouraging their economic contributions
If an African village was part of a larger kingdom, they had to obey decisions made in a ______. distant court
How did the rulers of Ghana grow rich? They taxed the goods traders carried through their territory.
What 2 things may have caused the decline of Great Zimbabwe? civil war and dwindling trade
In most medieval African societies, what defining factor played the greatest role in promoting social identity? family lineage
What evidence suggests Great Zimbabwe was a great commercial center? Beads from India and porcelain from China have been found around the ruins.
This ruler of Mali expanded the kingdom's borders and created ties with other Muslim lands. Mansa Musa
These animals revolutionized trade across the Sahara Desert because they could carry heavy loads and travel miles without water. camels
Created by: Ms.Wynn