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Discov TB Unit 1.1

Geography terms

technology the use of human knowledge to create tools and machines that allow us to navigate and control the environment
location the place, site, or position where something, such as a landform, waterway, or city, exists on Earth’s surface
environment the physical surroundings in which plants, animals, and humans live
map a flat, two-dimensional representation of physical space
irrigation the artificial application of water to land
ecosystem is a community of living things, the environment that surrounds them, and how they interact
mineral a solid substance that occurs in nature. It has a specific chemical composition and contains no organic (living) matter
goods products meant to satisfy the wants and needs of buyers
scale the proportion showing the relationship between the dimensions drawn on a map and the actual dimensions of a physical place the map represents
absolute location the exact place where a geographic feature is found on Earth using a coordinate system
relative location describes the relationship of one place to other places around it
transportation the movement of people and goods from one place to another
prime meridian an imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England
meridian an imaginary line on the earth’s surface that connects the North Pole and the South Pole
equator an imaginary reference line that circles Earth
latitude an angular measure of distance from the equator
longitude an angular measure of distance from the prime meridian
harbor a partly enclosed body of water that shelters vessels from wind, waves, and currents
continent a large, continuous mass of land
Asia the largest and most populated continent in the world, and it has perhaps the greatest variety of cultures
Europe the second smallest continent on Earth, making up about seven percent of the planet’s land area
Antarctica lies south on Earth and surrounds the South Pole
compass rose shows the orientation or directions of a map
key/legend a table or segment of a map that contains a list of the symbols, icons, and colors used on the map and their meanings
distance the amount of space between two points on Earth’s surface
direction the path followed to move from one point to another
astrolabe ancient scientific instrument used by astronomers and mariners for navigation
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