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Lesson 1

Renaissance rebirth of art and learning in Europe,1300-1600
Humanism focus on human potential and achievements
Secular Concerned with worldly rather than spiritual matters
Patron Person who financially supported artist
Michelangelo Buonarroti Italian Renaissance sculptor, architect, painter, and poet; he sculpted the Pietà and the David, and he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Leonardo da Vinci painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist. A true “Renaissance man,” he was interested in how things worked
What factor led to the beginning of the Renaissance in Northern Europe? Hundred year war Bubonic Plague Moved to cities Middle Class Updated
How were the Northern Renaissance different from Renaissance in Italy? Italy- Religion Classic learning to religious thinking Social reform
What Northern European artist and what did writers write about? Leonardo Da Vinci Raphael Moore More realistic paints Write about realism, everyday life Self expression Painted life like painted
How did the invention of the printing press spread learning and idea? Made books cheap so people would get an education Bible was printed in different languages Famous writers: William Shakespeare and Thomas Moore
What was the importance use of vernacular? More people could read in their own birthed language
How was the new spirit of inquiry affected by the Renaissance? Started to question everything because they wanted to form their own opinions and make up their own minds “skepticisms”
Achievements of the Renaissances Printing Press Change in literature Change in thought
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