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OC Islam Review

What two ways of life developed in the the desert? nomadic and sedentary
What is the name of a wet,fertile area in the desert where many towns developed? oasis
What became centers of trade for both nomads and and townspeople? towns
Before Muhammad, the people of Arabia believed in many gods which is called... polytheism
This was the name of the important shrine in Mecca. Kaaba
Who heard the voice of the Angel Gabriel while meditating in a cave? Muhammad
This group of Meccans was concerned that they would lose their wealth if they followed Muhammad's teachings. Merchants
Muhummad taught the belief in one God. This is called... Monotheism
Arabia is considered a crossroads of trade and lies between what three continents? Europe, Africa, Asia
What is the name of a Muslim house of worship? Mosque
What is the Muslim holy book that includes all the messages Muhammad received from God? Qur'an
The messages Muhammad received from God form the basis of this religion. Islam
Jews,Christians, and Muslims recognize many of the same prophets and all believe in .... One God
This group of Arabians traveled across the desert with their herds in search of food and water for their animals. Nomads
Muhammad's departure from from Mecca and journey to Medina became known as the... Hegira
The First Pillar of Islam includes this statement of faith. "There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet"
How many times a day is a Muslim required to pray? five
The Qur'an and the Sunnah together form the basis for... Islamic Law
What was the name given to Islam's highest leader after the death of Muhammad? Caliph
What Muslim city in the south of Spain was a center of culture and learning? Còrdoba
Which group of Muslims believed that caliphs had to be blood relatives of Muhammad? Shia
What was the most important cultural contribution that Muslims shared with the people they conquered? Arabic language
What factors helped the spread of Islam? Trade, treaties, war, a common language (Arabic)
To figure out their location on earth, Arab scholars studied the... Stars (astrolabe)
What mathematical contribution did Al-Khwarizmi make to the world? Algebra
Geographers sometimes refer to Arabia as a ________________ location because it is between these three continents... crossroads; Asia, Africa, Europe
This was the capital city of the Islamic Empire in Arabia and a center for culture, trade, and learning. Baghdad
The three world religions that Muhammand considered to be "people of the book" were... Judaism, Christanity, and Islam
What are the three holy books of the three main world religions? Qur'an - Islam; Torah - Judaism; Bible - Christianity
What important event occured in Muhammand's life before he established the religion of Islam? According to Islamic tradition, the Angel Gabriel appeared and told him to "Recite!" and made him a messenger of God
Created by: Oak Crest Middle