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World History Unit 1

What were some of the technology that Paleolithic hunter-gatherers used? hunting spears and longbows
What does Paleolithic mean? Old Stone Age
How did the Paleolithic people organize themselves? What did they have as part of their societies? they grouped together in societies, and had hunter/gatherers
What were the significant changes to society in the Neolithic period? agricultural spread
Where did the first civilizations start? Mesopotamia
What were the 4 early civilizations? Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, and Harappan/Indus River Valley civilization
What were the 5 characteristics of a civilization? specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, advanced technology, advanced cities
The first major civilization in Mesopotamia was called? Sumer
What is the very tall structure with levels called? ziggurat
What is the pictograph writing system found in Ancient Mesopotamia called? cuneiform
What is Hammurabi known for? 1st known written code of laws
Cyrus the Great founded what Empire? Persia
Which direction does the Nile flow? north
What type of writing did the Egyptians use? hieroglyphics
Why is Osiris important to Egyptians? people can enter the afterlife
Who is Hatshepsut? female pharaoh who encouraged trade
A Sarcophagus is what? royal "casket"
The major cities of the Indus Valley were? Harappa and Mohenji-Daro
Poems and prayers that are written in Sanskrit, the religion of Indus river valley is called? Vedas
What is the Caste system? the social order of the community
The 1st dynasty in China was called what? Shang
Religion in China was called what? ancestor worship
The writing in China develops into what form of writing? calligraphy
Who were the middle class in ancient China? artisans and merchants
What becomes China's most valuable export? silk
Created by: RJEstes