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Module 5

Ancient Greece

How come sea trade was really important to the Greeks? The Greeks had a few natural resources.
Who was Homer? Homer was a storyteller that told epics about things that he heard about.
What did the Mycenaeans borrow from the Minoan culture? They borrowed their writing and high levels of art.
What were the 2 places that went against each other in the Trojan War? Mycenaeans and Trojans.
What happened to the Mycenaeans after the Trojan War? The Mycenaeans started to fall apart and the Dorians took over where they used to live.
What is a Polis? A Polis would make a city with countryside villages surrounding it.
Who fought in the Persian Wars? The Greeks faced the Persian Empire.
Who were the Spartans? A strong city-state that conquered Messenia and made them peasants.
What happened after the Persian Wars? The Greeks won a battle, so the threat from Persia was over.
What type of people were citizens in Athens? Only free adult men were citizens while women and slaves had a few rights.
What were the 2 major goals that Pericles wanted to achieve? He wanted to make Athens stronger, and to make them more democratic.
What was the result of the Peloponnesian War? Athens ended up losing its empire.
How did Athens and Sparta compare in power? Athens had a stronger navy, but Sparta had a stronger army.
What kind of leader was Pericles? Pericles was a leader of an aristocracy type of government.
What did Pericles do to make Athens a stronger empire? Pericles used the league's treasury to make the Athenian navy the strongest in the Mediterranean.
What was the reason that the Parthenon was built? It was to honor the Greek-Goddess Athena.
What was the purpose of Greek comedies? The purpose was to make people laugh about important ideas.
Who were three important Greek philosophers? Three important Greek philosophers were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
What were the most common themes in Greek tragedy? The most common themes in Greek tragedy were love, hate, war, betrayal, and hubris.
What steps did Pericles take to glorify Athens? He bought expensive materials, and hired artisans to make classical art.
How did Greek independence end? It ended when Macedonians took over Greece.
What two kingdoms did Alexander defeat? He defeated Persia and Egypt.
How did Alexander's power come to an end? It came to an end when he got a fever and died.
What were three places that Alexander also conquer in Persia? Three places he conquered were Babylon, Susa, and Persepolis.
How did Alexander take control Anatolia? He surprised the enemy and ordered his finest troops to break through a weak point in the Persian lines.
What were two inventions that Archimedes make? He made the Pulley and Archimedes screw.
How were Hellenistic sculptures different from earlier Greek sculptures? Hellenistic sculptures were more realistic and emotional.
What were Alexandria's two biggest attractions? Their two biggest attractions were their library and museum.
What was the largest statue used to honor Gods? How tall was it? The largest statue was the Colossus of Rhodes. It stood over 100 feet tall.
What did Stoicism believe? The school believed that power and money was a distraction.
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