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Ancient Greece

Module 1- Classical Greece

Why was the Trojan War started? Helen of Troy was stolen from the king and both Greek and Troy wanted to control trade routes.
Why was sea trade important for Greece? Greek lacked some natural resources and due to its geography, fertile farmland wasn't easy to find.
How were the Mycenaeans influenced by the Minoans? They borrowed some aspects of their art and writing.
How did Homer keep Greek culture alive during the dark age? He told stories of heroes and their deeds.
Why was Athens' government a LIMITED democracy? Slaves and women were given little to no rights.
What type of government did sparta have? Sparta had an oligarchy.
How much land did most city states have? Most city states usually had 50 to 500 square miles of land.
Powerful individuals, usually nobles or other wealthy citizens, sometimes seized control of the government by appealing to the common people for support. What were these called? These were called tyrants.
In athens, who developed a law code in 621 B.C.? A man named Draco developed a law code.
Why were draco's laws resented? Draco's laws were harsh against criminals, as the punishment for every crime was death.
Who came to power after Draco? After Draco, a man named Solon came to power.
What did the two spartan kings rule over? The two kings ruled Sparta and its army, but the other branches managed everyday life.
What did spartans value? Spartans did not value the arts, literature, or other artistic and intellectual pursuits. Spartans valued duty, strength, and discipline.
What alliance did the city states form, and why did they make it? To combat Persia, the Greek city-states formed an alliance called the Delian League.
What were the goals of Pericles? He had three goals: to strengthen Athenian democracy to hold and strengthen the empire to glorify Athens
How did Pericles strengthen democracy? To strengthen democracy, Pericles increased the number of public officials who were paid salaries. Earlier in Athens, most positions in public office were unpaid.
What were the two types of Greek drama? Tragedy and Comedy.
What happened to Greece after the Peloponnesian War? Macedonia took over.
What happened to Sparta and Athens after the Peloponnesian War? Sparta and Athens were greatly weakened.
Who were the three revolutionary Greek philosophers? Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates.
Created by: Theorist1738