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Ancient Greece

Module 5- Ancient Greece

Epic a heroic story told in the form of a long poem
The Trojan War was fought between the... and the ... Mycenaeans and Trojans
What seperated people to be united in ancient Greece? a mountain
the ancient Greeks became skilled... sailors
Why did the Mycenaeans go to war? They went to war so the Greek could control trade.
A fortified hilltop in an ancient Greek City acropolis
A side by side fighting formation of Greek foot soldiers helot
What type of government did Athens develop? direct democracy
Why did city-states form in ancient Greece? They formed because of the geography of the area.
What was one reason for why ancient Greece was able to win the Persian War? They were more technologically advanced
How many types of the greek pottery? Two types
Who was Pindar? Pindar was a lyric poet who lived in the late 500s and 400s
Tragedy a serious form of drama dealing with the downfall of a heroic or noble character
Aristotle greek philosopher and student of Plato
Philosopher a thinker who use logic and reason to investigate the nature of the universe, human society, and morality
How did Pericles strengthen democracy? He paid government heads to vote
What kind of leader was Pericles? He was a kind and honest leader
How did Pericles strengthen the empire? He had boys at the age of 7 join the navy.
What were two of Pericle' main goals for Athens? Strengthen the navy and strengthen the government.
What were the themes of Greek tragedy? Love, hate, hubris, and tragedy.
Who was Alexander the Great? The King of Macedonia
Who was Darius III? Persian king, was defeated by Alexander the Great
Macedonia a kingdom north of Greece
Who was Philip II? King of Macedonia; Father of Alexander the Great
How old was Alexander the Great when he died? 32
Created by: 23jcarbone