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MT Ch. 3

Essentials of Medical Terminology - Ch. 3

-algia pain
cephal/o head
cephalgia (sef-AL-jee-ah) headache
arthr/o joint
arthalgia (ar-THRAL-jee-ah) joint pain
ot/o ear
otalgia (oh-TAL-gee-ah) earache
-cele hernia (protrusion or displacement of a organ thru a structure tht normally contains it)
cyst/o bladder
cystocele (SIS-toh-seel) hernia of the urinary bladder; protrusion of the bladder onto th vaginal walls
rect/o rectum
rectocele(RECK-toh-seel) hernia of the the rectum; protrusion of the rectum onto the vaginal wall
encephal/o brain
encephalocele (en-SEF-ah-loh-seel) hernai of the brain
-dynia pain
gastr/o stomach
gastrodynia (gas-troh-DIN-ee-ah) stomach pain
mast/o breast
mastodynia (mas-toh-DIN-ee-ah) breast pain
-emesis vomiting
hemat/o blood
hematemesis (hee-mah-TEM-eh-sis) vomiting of blood
-emia blood condition
glyc/o sugar
glycemia (glye-SEE-mee-ah) sugar in the blood
-ia state of; condition
pneumon/o lung
pneumonia (new-MOH-nee-ah) condtion of the lung (inflammation of the lung)
-itis inflammation (the redness, swelling, heat, & pain that occurs when the body protects itself from injury)
enter/o small intestine
enteritis (en-ter-EYE-tis) inflamed small intestine
stomat/o mouth
stomatitis (sto-mah-TYE-tis) inflamed mouth
spondyl/o vertebra
spondylitis (spon-dih-LYE-tis) inflamed vertebra
-lysis destruction; separation; breakdown
hem/o blood
hemolysis (hee-MO-lih-sis) breakdown of blood
-malacia softening
cerebr/o brain
cerebromalacia (ser-eh-broh-mah-LAY-shee-ah) softening of the brain
chondr/o cartilage
chondromalacia (kon-droh-mah-LAY-shee-ah) softening of the cartilage
-megaly enlargement
viscer/o internal organ
visceromegaly (VIS-er-oh-meg-ah-lee) enlargement of the internal organs
-oma tumor; mass
lip/o fat
lipoma (lih-POH-mah) tumor containing fat
my/o muscle
myoma (my-OH-mah) tumor of muscle
-osis abnormal condtion
nephr/o kidney
nephrosis (neh-FROH-sis) abnormal condition of the kidney
-pathy disease process
ureter/o ureter (tube leading from each kidney to the bladder for the passage of urine)
ureteropathy (you-ree-ter-OP-pah-thee) disease process of the ureter
-penia decrease, deficiency
cyt/o cell
cytopenia (sigh-toh-PEE-nee-ah) deficiency of cells
-phobia irrational fear
acr/o top, extremities
acrophobia (ack-roh-FOH-bee-ah) fear of heights
-ptosis downward displacement; drooping; prolapse; sagging
blephar/o eyelid
blepharoptosis (blef-ah-rop-TOH-sis) drooping eyelid
nephr/o kidney
nephroptosis (nef-rop-TOH-sis) drooping kidney
-ptysis spitting
hemoptysis (he-MOP-tih-sis) spitting up of blood
-rrhage; rrhagia bursting forth
hemorrhage (HEM-or-idj) bursting forth of blood; bleeding
gastrorrhagia (gas-troh-RAY-jee-ah) bleeding from the stomach
-rrhea flow, discharge
otorrhea (oh-toh-REE-ah) discharge from the ear
-rrhexis rupture
splen/o spleen
splenorrhexis (splee-nor-ECKS-sis) ruptured spleen
-sclerosis hardening
arteri/o artery
arteriosclerosis (ar-tee-ree-oh-skleh-ROH-sis) hardening of the arteries
-spasm sudden, involuntary contraction
blepharospasm (BLEF-ah-roh-spazm) sudden, involuntary contraction of the eyelid
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
phlebostenosis (fleb-oh-steh-NOH-sis) narrowing of a vein
phleb/o vein
-y process
neur/o nerve
path/o disease
neuropathy (new-ROP-ah-thee) disease process of the nerve
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
abdomin/o abdomen
abdominocentesis (ab-dom-ih-noh-sen-TEE-sis) surgical punture to remove fluid from the abdomen
thorac/o chest
thoracocentesis (thoh-rah-koh-sen-TEE-sis) surgical punture of the chest wall to remove excess fluid from around the lung
-desis surgical binding, surgical fusion
arthrodesis (ar-throh-DEE-sis) surgical fusion of a joint
-ectomy excision; surgical removal
oophor/o ovary
oophorectomy (oh-of-oh-RECK-toh-mee) excision of the ovary
-tonsill/o tonsils
tonsillectomy (ton-sih-LECK-toh-me) excision of the tonsils
-grapy process of recording; producing images
mamm/o breast
mammography (mam-OG-rah-fee) producing images of the breast
myel/o spinal cord
myelography (my-eh-LOG-rah-FEE) producing images of the spinal cord
tom/o to cut
computed tomograohy (CT)(toh-MOG-rah-fee) x-ray beam rotates around the patient detailing the structure at various depths
-gram record; writing
lymphangi/o lymph vessel
lymphangiogram (lim-FAN-jee-oh-gram) record of the lymph vessel (by use of x-ray)
-graph instrument used to record
cardi/o heart
cardiograph (KAR-dee-oh-graf) instrument used to heart activity
-metry to measure; measurement
pelv/i pelvis
pelvimetry (pel-VIM-eh-tree) measurement of the pelvis
-meter instrument used to measure
crani/o skull
craniometer (kray-nee-OM-eh-ter) instrument used to measure the skull
-opsy to view
bi/o life
biopsy (BYE-op-see) prcedure involving the removal of a piece of living tissue, which is then microscopically examined for any abnormalities
-pexy surgical fixation
nephr/o kidney
nephropexy (NEF-roh-peck-see) surgical fixation of the kidney
-plasty surgical reconstruction; surgical repair
orchid/o testicle
orchidoplasty (OR-kid-oh-plas-tee) surgical recontruction of the testicle
-rrhaphy suture; sew
colp/o vagina
colporrhaphy (kol-POR-ah-fee) suturing of the vagina
-scope instrument used to visually examine (a body cavity or organ)
bronch/o bronchus
bronchoscope (BRONG-koh-skope) instrument used to visually examine the interior of the bronchus
-scopy process of visually examining (a body cavity or organ)
bronchoscopy (brong-KOS-koh-pee) process of visually examining the bronchus
-stasis stoppage; stopping; controlling
hemostasis (he-moh-STAY-sis) stoppage of blood
-stomy new opening
trache/o trachea; windpipe
tracheostomy (tray-kee-OS-toh-mee) new opening into the trachea
-tome instrument used to cut
myptome (MY-oh-tohm) instrument used to cut muscle
-tomy process of cutting; incision
ten/o tendon
tenotomy (teh-NOT-oh-mee) process of cutting a tendon
-cyte cell
adip/o fat
adipocyte (AD-ih-poh-sight) fat cell
histi/o tissue
histiocyte (HISS-te-oh-sight) tissue cell
-er; -or; -ician; -logist; -ist specialist; one who specializes; specialist in the study of
practition/o practice
practioner (prack-TISH-un-er) one who has obtained the proper requirement to work in a specific field of study
don/o donate
organ donor (DOH-nor) one who donates organ tissue to be used in another body
physi/o nature
physician (fih-ZIH-shun) specialist in the study of medicine who has graduate fromschool of medicine
neur/o nerve
neurologist (new-ROL-oh-jist) specialist in the study of the nervous system and its disorder
pharmac/o drug
pharmacist (FARM-ah-sist) speicialist license to prepare and dispense drugs
-ion process
sect/o to cut
section (SECK-shun) process of cutting
-logy study of; process of study
hepat/o liver
hepatology (hep-ah-TOL-oh-jee) study of the liver
physiology (fiz-ee-OL-oh-jee) study of function (study of how a structure functions)
-plasia formation; development
chondr/o cartilage
chondroplasia (kon-droh-PLAY-zee-ah) formation of cartilage
-poiesis production; manufacture; formation
hematopoiesis (he-mah-toh-poi-EE-sis) production of blood
-trophic; -trophy development; growth; nutrition
thyr/o thyroid gland
thyrotrophic hormone (thigh-roh-TROH-fick) substance having an influence on the thyroid gland
-genic produced by; producing
carcin/o cancer
carcinogenic (kar-sih-noh-JEN-ick) producing cancer (agent that produces cancer)
-oid resembling
oste/o bone
osteoid (OS-tee-oyd) resembling bone
-ole; -ule small
bronchi/o bronchus
bronchiole (BRONG-kee-ohl) small bronchus
ven/o vein
venule (VEN-youl) small vein
-ac; -ah; -ary; -eal; -ic; -ous pertaining to
cardiac (KAR-dee-ack) pertaining to the heart
ren/o kidney
renal (REE-nal) pertaining to the kidney
mammary (MAM-ah-ree) pertainting to the breast
pharyng/o throat; pharynx
pharyngeal (far-IN-jee-al) pertaining to the throat
gastric (GAS-trik) pertaining to the stomach
venous (VEE-nus) pertaining to a vein
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