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Chapter 14

What years did the Renaissance take place 1300 to 1600
What effect did famine and disease have on the population It decreased it, making the general standard of living higher
Why was Italy the Ideal place for the Renaissance? It was a city and it was the perfect place for trade since it was right off the mediterranean.
What was Humanism? The focus on human potential and achievements
What was Secular? The idea of worldly thinking
What was a Patron? Someone who supported something
What are the characteristics of a "Renaissance man" Charming, witty, well educated, well mannered, athletic, and self controlled.
What were the differences between medieval and Renaissance attitudes toward worldly pleasures? Renaissance attitudes were to believe that god would appreciate the thinking of secular and humanism ideas. Medieval attitudes were to not think like that because god would not like it.
what did writers write about? They wrote about daily life, religion, and secular/humanism ideas
What did artists paint about? The painted daily life, religion themes, and scenery.
What did artists incorporate in their work? They started to use different perspective
What was the main religion? Christian
What was vernacular? Writing in your native language
What was the big invention? The printing press
How did the printing press affect the Renaissance? It made it easier and cheaper to make copies, making it easier and cheaper for people to learn
True or False- The people in the Renaissance started to question everything True
What was skepticism? Questioning everything
true or false- People started to explore as navigational tools improved. True
What encouraged the Age of Exploration? The improvement of navigational tools
What artwork was Leonardo Da Vinci famous for? The last Supper and the Mona Lisa
What was Michelangelo famous for? The Sistine chapel ceiling
What was Raphael famous for? The School of Athens
True or false- Leonardo Da Vinci was the ideal image of the "Renaissance man" true
Why was Leonardo Da Vinci the ideal image of a "Renaissance man"? He showed all the characteristics and had lots of talents/hobbies
How did architecture change during the Renaissance? Structures became more equal and balanced.
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