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human geo 3

chapter 3

The study of spatial interactions can be applied to what 3 things ? People, Goods, and Ideas.
Of the 3 things that spatial interactions can be applied to, what make up the larger percent ? Goods.
What are the three flow determining factors spatial interaction ? Complementarity, transferability, and intervening opportunity.
Define complementarity. Occurs when the areas specialize in different commodities for which there is effective demand.(Supply and demand)
Define transferability. A statement about the cost of an interaction.
Define intervening opportunities. More prone to go shorter distance.
Give an example of transferability. HIV drugs.
What does distance decay imply ? Short distance contacts are more likely than long distance contacts.
What does the gravity model state ? As the number of miles increases, the number of contacts decreases.
True or False: Transferability decreases at a decreasing rate. False; transferability decreases at an increasing rate.
Riley's Law uses what two things as the variables ? Population and distance.
True or False: Territoriality is the willingness to defend one's home ground. True.
What 3 things affect activity space ? Age, mobility, and opportunity.
What is the daily movement ? The activity space.
What is the time-space prism ? Helps describe volume of space and length of time.
In what area are most people inclined to settle in and why ? Inclined to settle in areas where natural disasters occur because they don't occur frequently.
What are the 3 causes of interregional moves in America ? Changes in life cycle, changes in careers, and personal mobility issues.
Define critical distance. The effort involved in travel exceeds the willingness to travel.
According to the book, why does personal space have to do with cultural and circumstantial factors. Because the side is different than the front and Anglos are different that Latinos.
True or False: The directional bias in the US is an North-South flow. False; and East-West flow because of where the established cities are.
What is an example of reluctant relocation ? The 8 million Indonesians on Java being moved to other islands starting in 1969.
The decision to migrate involves what ? Weighing opportunities in the new place compared to home.
What are areas that dominate a locale's in-and-out migration are known as what ? Migration field, and they tend to persist over time.
Define channelized migration. The tendency for migration to flow between areas that are socially and economically allied by past migration patters.
True or False: Channelized migration often has a greater than expected flow of movement. True.
Created by: wudupkeilani
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