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Famous assassination

John F Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald
Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan John Hinckley jr.
John Lennon Mark Chapman
Fran’s Ferdinand Gavrilo princep
Robert F Kennedy Sirhan Sirhan
Martin Luther king jr. James Earl Ray
Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes booth
Julius Caesar Cassius and Brutus
Gandhi Nathuram godse
King Henry the IV of France Francois Ravaillac
Leon Trotsky Ramón Mercader
Jesse James Robert Ford
Huey Long Carl Weiss
Medgar Evers Byron De La Beckwith
Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby
Malcom X Talmadge Hayer ( Thomas Hagan) as well as Norman butler and Thomas Johnson were identified
Tupac Unknown
Tsar Nicholas II Cheka officers led by Yakov Yurosky
Created by: boakes