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Chapter 2 God's Myst

Be_______. Stand ________ in the faith. Be _________ and strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13 alert, firm, brave
What is the mission of the Catholic Church? to announce, bear witness to and make present the life of the Trinity.
How does the Great Commission from Matthew 28 begin? Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...
Who said, " You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You." St. Augustine
Who said, "God is the source of all TRUTH." St. Albert the Great
believing in what you cannot see Faith
something that cannot be fully understood by the human mind mystery
that which IS - whether you believe it or not Truth
God revealing Himself to us through Jesus and Scripture Divine Revelation
the belief that God does not exist atheism
the belief that one can never truly know if God exists or not agnosticism
belief in only what can be proven by science secularism
belief that humans are the center of everything secular humanism
belief that nothing is good or bad - it all depends on your perception relativism
parochial relating to a Catholic parish
awe amazement
When and where was the first Catholic school founded? 1782, Philadelphia, PA
Who is the patron of Catholic Schools and 1st native born American saint? Elizabeth Seton
What was the first Catholic college in the U.S? Georgetown
When does God stamp on our hearts the desire for Truth - to know Him? conception
Where/with whom can we find total peace and fulfillment? with God/heaven
What did Jesus say is the greatest commandment? Love God...Love your neighbor as yourself.
Through the beauty, greatness and symmetry of this, we can know God exists. creation
Are science and faith compatible or opposed? Compatible
God fully communicated Himself to us in the person of _____________. Jesus
Everyone has doubts about faith at one time or another, the key is to remain____________while you are getting your questions answered. faithful, prayerful
Who said that when we get to heaven, we will "know fully as we are fully known?" St. Paul
Created by: Dana Doyle
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