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Lesson 7

Medical Terminology Lesson 7: Medical Prefixes and Suffixes I - K

iasis condition of
cholelithiasis condition of gallbladder stones
iatric medicine
pediatric child medicine
ic pertaining to
enteric pertaining to the small intestines
inter between
intercostal between ribs
intra within
intra-aortic within the aorta
isis, asis condition of
metastisis condition of change in location or spreading
itis inflammation of
gastritis stomach inflammation
juxta near
juxtaepiphysial near epiphysis or part of long bone
kinesis movement
metakinesis moving part
kypho humped
kyphosis condition of being humpbacked
logia, logy science of
cardiology heart science or study of
lysis disintegration
osteolysis bone breakdown
macro large, long
macrostomia large mouth
malacia softening
chondromalacia soft cartilage
med, medi, medio middle
mediocarpal middle of the carpal bone
mega, megaly enlargement
cardiomegaly large heart
micro small
microcephalic small brain
mono single, one
mononuleosis condition of large outbreak of one nucleus lymphocytes
multi many
multifocal many locations
neo new
neonatal newborn
ob against
obtunded against or mentally dull
oid like, shape, resemble
mucoid mucous like
oligo few
oliguria diminished urination
ology study of
neurology study of the nerves
oma tumor
lymphoma lymph tumor
osis condition
pediculosis condition of lice infestation
otomy incision
craniotomy skull incision
Created by: lwhid
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