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Term. Combining Form

Combining FormDefinition
Acanth(o) Spiny; Thorny
Actin(o) Light
Aer(o) Light
Alge, Algesi, Algio, Algo Pain
Amyl(o) Starch
Andro Masculine
Arthero Plaque; Fatty substance
Bacill(i) Bacilli; Bacteria
Bacteri(o) Bacteria
Bar(o) Weight; Pressure
Bas(o), Basi(o) Base
Bio- Life
Blasto Immature cells
Cac(o) Bad; Ill
Calc(o), Calic(o) Calcium
Carcin(o) Cancer
Chem(o) Chemical
Chlor(o) Chlorine; Green
Chondrio, Chondro Cartilage, Grainy, Gritty
Chore(o) Dance
Chrom, Chromat, Chromo Color
Chrono Time
Chyl(o) Chyle, a digestive juice
Chym(o) Chyme, Semifluid production of chyme in the stomach
Cine(o) Movement
Coni(o) Dust
Crin(o) Secrete
Cry(o) Cold
Crypt(o) Hidden; Obscure
Cyan(o) Blue
Cycl(o) Circle; Cycle; Ciliary body
Cyst(o), Cysti Bladder, Cyst, Cystic duct
Cyt(o) Cell
Dextr(o) Right, Towards the right
Dips(o) Thirst
Dors(o), Dorsi Back
Dynamo Energy; Force
Echo Reflected sound
Electr(o) Electricity; Electric
Ensin(o) Red; Rosy
Ergo Work
Erythr(o) Red, Redness
Esthesio Sensation, Perseption
Ethmo Ethmoid bone
Etio Cause
Fibr(o) Fiber
Fluor(o) Light; Luminous; Fluorine
Fungi Fungus
Galact(o) Milk
Gen(o) Producing; Being born
Gero, Geront(o) Old age
Gluco Glucose
Glyco Sugars
Gonio Angle
Granulo Granular
Gyn(o), Gyne, Gyneco Woman
Home(o), Homo Same; Constant
Hydr(o) Hydrogen, Water
Hypn(o) Sleep
Iatr(o) Physician; Treatment
Ichthy(o) Dry; Scaly; Fish
Idio Unknown; Distinct
Immun(o) Safe; Immune
Kal(i) Potassium
Karyo Nucleus
Ket(o), Keton(o) Ketone; Acetone
Kin(o), Kine Movement
Kinesi(o), Kineso Motion
Kyph(o) Humpback
Lact(o), Lacti Milk
Latero Lateral, to one side
Lepto Light, Frail, Thin
Leuk(o) White
Lip(o) Fat
Lith(o) Stone
Log(o) Speech, Words, Thoughts
Lys(o) Dissolution
Macr(o) Large; Long
Medi(o) Middle; Medial plane
Meg(a), Megal(o) Large; Million
Melan(o) Black; Dark
Mes(o) Middle; Median
Micr(o) Small; One-millionth; Tiny
Mio Smaller; Less
Morph(o) Structure; Shape
Narco Sleep; Numbness
Necr(o) Death; Dying
Noct(i) Night
Normo Normal
Nucle(o) Nucleus
Nyct(o) Night
Oncho, Onco, Tumor
Orth(o) Straight; Normal
Oxy Sharp; Acute; Oxygen
Pachy Thick
Path(o) Disease
Phago Eating; Devouring; Swallowing
Pharmaco Drugs; Medicine
Phon(o) Sound; Voice; Speech
Phot(o) Light
Physi, Physico Physical; Natural
Physo Air; Gas; Growing
Phyt(o) Plant
Plasma, Plasmo Formative; Plasma
Poikilo Varied; Irregular
Pseud(o) False
Pyo Pus
Pyreto Fever
Pyro Fever; Fire; Heat
Radio Radiation; X-ray; Radius
Salping(o) Tube
Schisto Split
Schiz(o) Split; Division
Scler(o) Hardness; Hardening
Scolio Crooked; Bent
Scoto Darkness
Sidero Iron
Sito Food; Grain
Somat(o) Body
Somn(o), Somni Sleep
Sono Sound
Spasmo Spasm
Spher(o) Round; Spherical
Spir(o) Breath; Breathe
Squamo Scale; Squamous
Staphyl(o) Grapelike clusters
Steno Narrowness
Stere(o) Three-dimensional
Strepto Twisted chains; Streptococci
Styl(o) Peg-shaped
Syring(o) Tube
Tel(o), Tele(o) Distant; End; Complete
Terato Monster (as a falformed fetus)
Therm(o) Heat
Tono Tension; Preasure
Top(o) Place; Topical
Tox(i), Toxico, Toxo Poison; Toxin
Tropho Food; Nutrition
Vivi Life
Xanth(o) Yellow
Xeno Stranger
Xer(o) Dry
Xiph(o) Sword; Xiphoid
Zo(o) Life
Zym(o) Fermentation; Enzyme
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