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BC Terms

Blood Collection

Aliqout A portion of a sample
Chain of Custody Documentation of the collection and handling of forensic samples
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Federal regulations governing laboratories that test human samples
Healthcare-Associated infection Infection acquired by a patient as the result of a hospital stay or an outpatient procedure
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Legislation that guarantees the privacy of individual health information
Preexamination Phase Processes that occur before testing of a specimen
Sample One or more parts taken from a system
Specimen Portion of a body fluid or tissue taken for examination such as an aliquot of plasma or serum
Anticoagulant Substance that prevents blood from clotting
Antiglycolytic Agent Substance that prevents the breakdown of glucose
Antiseptic A substance use to clean the skin from contamination by microorganisms
Bevel Area of the needle point that has been cut on a slant
Hemolyzed Destruction of red blood cells
Hemostasis Stoppage of blood flow from a damaged blood vessel
Holder Plastic apparatus that attaches to a multi-sample needle or winged blood collection
Hub The part of the endless that attaches to the syringe or blood collection holder
Hypodermic Needle Type of needle that attaches to a syringe
Icteric Appearing yellow because of the presence of increased bilirubin
Lipemic Appearing cloudy white from increased lipids
Lumen Cavity of an organ or tube, such as a blood vessel or a needle
Multi-sample Needle Type of needle that attaches to a holder to collect multiple blood collection tubes
Plasma Liquid portion of unclothed or anti-coagulated blood that contains fibrinogen
Plasma Separator Tube (PST) Type of collection tube that contains a polymer gel that separates blood cells from the plasma then centrifuged.
Serum Liquid portion that remains after clotted flood has been centrifuged and separated that does not contain fibrinogen
Serum Separator Tube (SST) Type of collection tube that contains a polymer gel that separates the blood cells from the serum when centrifuged
Winged Blood Collection Set Type of needle and tubing apparatus with plastic wings attached that can connect to a holder or syringe
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