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B.C. #3

A glucose tollerance test is preformed to diagonse or evaluate what? Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Hypoglycemia
Peak and through levels are collected to monitor what? Therapeutic drug levels
Blood cultures are preformed to detect the presence of... Septicemia
The most important consideration when collectng a blood culture is... Aseptic Techique
Samples for which of the following should be protecte from light? Beta-carotene, Bilirubin, Vitamin A
Chain of custody refers to the... Documentation of sample handling for legal samples
Samples for cold aggulations must be... Kept warm
Select the responce that list the major steps of the two hour oral glucose tolerace test (OGTT) A fasting glucose sample is collected, Patient drinks a 75-g glucose solution within 5 minutes, Patient returns in 2 hours for additional glucose test.
To ensure patient safety and medication effectiveness the blood levels of many therapeutic drugs are monitored. The samples that are typially drawn to do this are... A trough level drawn before the next scheduled dose is given and a peak level drawn after the dose is given
The artery located on the tumb side of the wrist is called the... Radial Artery
A large artery located near the Basilic vein and the median nerve is the... Brachial
The artery of choice for collecting arterial samples is the... Radial artery
When preforming an arterial puncture, the needle is inserted... Bevel up at a 30-45 degree angle
A blood collector wold be most likely to preform an accidental arteral pucture when attempting to puncture the... Basilic vein
Dermal puncture is preferred over venipuncture in infants because... Superficial veins may not be large enough, Collecting from deep veins is dangerous, Restraining the child can cause injury
Collection of excess blood from a premature infant can cause... Anemia
Warming tbe site of a dermal puncture will... Increase the flow of arterial blood to the site
The depth of a dermal puncture must be controlled to... Prevent contact with the bone
Which of the following are micro sample containers? Heparin capillary tubes, Microtainer tubes, Micro pipettes
The calcaneus is located at... The posterior of the heel
Capillary punctures on newborns are preformed on the... Plantar area of the heel
Failure to puncture across the finger print during a finger puncture will cause... Blood to run down the finger
Follwing a dermal puncture, the blood collector should first... Wipe away the first drop of blood
During a dermal puncture the first drop of blood is wiped away to because... It may be diluted with tissue fluid
The presents of air bubbles will most seriously effect a... Blood gas collected in a micropipette
Vigorous massaging of the area during a dermal puncture will resulting in... Sample contamination by tissue fluid
Excessive squeezing of a dermal puncture site can cause which of the following... Bruisuing of the area, Tussue fuid contamination, Hemolysis
Reasons for selecting the fleshy areas located near the center of the 3rd and 4th (Middle and Ring) fingers on the palmar side of the non-dominant hand as prefered sites for the finger puncture include which of the following? There is decreased tissues in the fifth (Pinky) finger, Calluses may be present on the thumb, The first (Index) finger naturally had more nerve endings
The laws in the US states that required testing for which of the following diseases in newborns using a heel stick sample Galactosemia, Congenital hypothyroidism, PKU
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