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BC - Review CJC

BC - Review

All are of the responciblities of the blood collector exept... Test results within normal limits
The recommended disinfectant for cleaning blood and bodily fluids... Sodium hypochlorinate
Failure to become familiar with needle disposal equipment and result in... An accidental needle stick
OSHA requires employers of health-care workers to provide employees with all of the following exept... HCV vaccinations
In the chain of infection, the susceptible host can also become the... Reservior
All of the following recognized as accrediting agencies by the Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services except... The Joint Commision
What is the purpose of always closing the centrifuge lid... Protection of the worker from broken glass
Guaranteeing accurate test results, timely delivery of samples to the laboratory, and quality patient care are all examples of... Sample processing
The laboratory regulation agency that is made up of laboratory, industry, and government personnel is the... CLSI
A phlebotomy error that could lead to the death of a patient is... Misidentifying the patient
The possibilty of hemolysis is increased with the use of a... 25-gauge needle
Pushing ad evacuated tube through the stopper tube will result in... Failure to obtain a sample
Upon completetion of the blood collection, the holder is... Discarded with the needle attached
Failure to gently and immideatly mix an anticoagulated sample will result in... Clot formation
Which of the following tubes will be automatically rejected by the laboratory if the tube is not completely filled? Light Blue
All of the folling contain seperation gel exept... Lavender stopper tubes
You reveive a requisition form for the following tubes: Light blue, Red, Green and Lavender Light blue, Red, Green, Lavender
When transfering
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