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W History - Topic 2

Topic 2 Vocabulary

hierarchy system of ranking groups
ziggurat in ancient Mesopotamia, a large, stepped platform thought to have been topped by a temple dedicated to the city-state's chief god or goddess
cuneiform in the ancient Middle East, a system of wriing that used wedge-shaped marks
codify to arrange or set down in writing
civil law branch of law that deals with private private rights and matters
criminal law a branch of law that deals with offenses against others
bureaucracy system of government through departments and subdivisions administered by officials who follow set rules
barter economy an economic system in which one set of goods or services is exchanged for another
money economy an economic system in which goods and services are paid for through the exchange of a token of agreed value
colony a territory settled and ruled by people from another land
alphabet writing system in which each symbol represents a single basic sound
monotheistic believing in one god
covenant a promise and agreement
patriarchal relating to a society in which men hold the greatest legal and moral authority
prophet spiritual leader who interprets God's will
ethics moral standards of behavior
Diaspora the spreading out of Jews beyond their historic homeland
cataract waterfall
delta triangular area of marshland formed by deposits of silt at the mouth of some rivers
dynasty ruling family
pharaoh title of the rulers of ancient Egypt
vizier chief minister who supervised the business of government in ancient Egypt
mummification the preservation of dead bodies by embalming them and wrapping them in cloth
hieroglyphics a system of writing in which pictures called hieroglyphs represent objects, concepts, or sounds
papyrus plant used to make a paper-like writing material in ancient Egypt
decipher to figure out the meaning of
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