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World History CH 10

Review for Ch 10 of Streams of Civilization Vol 1

Most African Americans in the USA are descendants of Africans from ... the western coast of Africa
Exploration of the interior of Africa was inhibited by... the Sahara Desert and the scarcity of good coastal harbors
Cattle herding on the African grasslands was limited by... the tsetse fly
Whose work has popularized the view that all life began in Africa? Dr. Louis Leakey
What group of people built pyramids that were similar to those in Egypt? Kushites
The kingdom of Kush was destroyed by... Axum
Who made Christianity the official religion of Axum? Ezana
The earliest African culture not influenced by outside civilizations was... the Nok
Who has more value in Indian families - sons or daughters or both equally valued? Sons more valued than daughters
Where did chess originate? India
What territory in India came under Hellenistic influence as a result of Alexander the Great's invasion? Bactria
Who was the best ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty? Asoka Maurya
The "golden age of Sanskrit" was during the reign of... Samudragupta
This temple is a reminder of Indian influence in what is now Cambodia. Angkor Wat
The most imposing Buddhist Shrine in the world is in what country? Java
China was cut off from the rest of the world by its... geography
According to legend, which was the earliest dynasty to rule China? Shang
This philosopher taught that the key to an orderly society was good behavior among the people and proper respect for those in higher positions. Confucius
The Chinese philosophy that held that anything the emperor wanted to do was right was called... Legalism
The Great Wall of China was built during the reign of ... Shih Huang Ti
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