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WH1 Vocab #3

Peoples & Ideas on the Move

Indo-Europeans Group of Asian peoples who migrated to many different places
Steppes Dry grasslands
Migration Movement of people from one place to another
Hittites Group of Indo-European peoples who occupied Anatolia, made iron weapons
Anatolia Large peninsula in modern-day Turkey
Aryans Group of Indo-Europeans that invaded Indian sub-continent
Vedas Sacred literature of the Aryans
Reincarnation Belief that the soul is reborn
Karma Good or bad deeds that determine how you reincarnate
Siddhartha Gautama Founder of Buddhism
Nirvana Buddha’s word for release from selfishness and pain
Aegean Sea Sea between modern-day Greece & Turkey
Phoenicians Most powerful traders along the Mediterranean
Canaan Ancient home of the Israelites
Torah Holy book of the Hebrews (Jewish people)
Abraham “Father” or first of the Jewish people
Monotheism Belief in a single god
Covenant Mutual promise between god & the Jewish people
Moses According to the Torah, the man that led the Jews out of slavery
Tribute Payment made by a weaker power to a stronger power
Created by: csdavis