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W History - Topic 1

Topic 1 Vocabulary

prehistory the long period of time before people invented writing
historians scholars who study and write about the historical past
artifact object made by humans
anthropology the field of study related to the origins and development of people and their societies
culture the way of life of a society, which includes its beliefs, values, and practices
archaeology the study of past people and cultures through their material remains
technology the skills and tools people use to meet their basic needs and wants
nomad person who moves from place to place to find food
animism the belief that the world was full of spirits and forces that might reside in animals, objects, or dreams
domesticate to raise in a controlled way
surplus more than is necessary
steppe dry grassland
traditional economy an economy that relies on habit, custom, or ritual and tends not to change over time
civilization a complex, highly organized social order
polytheistic the belief in many gods
artisan skilled craftsperson
pictograph simple drawing that looks like the objects they represent
scribe specially trained person who could read and write
cultural diffusion the spread of ideas, customs, and technologies from one people to another
city-state a political unit that included a city and its surrounding lands and villages
empire a group of states or territories controlled by one ruler
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