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Ch 13 Reprod. & STD

Reproduction and STD combining forms and Abbrevations

amni(o) amnion
chori(o) chorion
fet(o) fetus
gonad(o) gonad
o(o) ovum
spermat(O) sperm
nat(o) birth
par(o) bearing offspring
pseudo- false
-cyesis pregnancy
-gravida pregnant female
-para women who gives birth
-tropin that which stimulates
aids acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
bbt basal body temperature
cpd cephalopelvic disproportion
cs or c-section cesarean section
edd expected delivery date
efm electronic fetal monitor
fhr fetal heart rate
g gravida (pregnant)
gc gonococcus
hbv hepatitis b virus
hcv hepatitis c virus
hdv hepatitis d virus
hiv human immunodeficiency virus
hpv human papillomavirus
hsv-2 herpes simplex virus type 2(gential herpes)
iud intrauterine device
ivf in viro fertilization
lmp last menstrual period
ob obstetrics
rpr rapid plasma regin
std sexually transmitted disease
vd venereal disease
vdrl venereal disease research laboratories
Created by: LSerreia