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WH1 Vocab #1

Peopling of the world

Artifact Remains, such as tools, jewelry, and other human-made objects
Culture People’s way of life, learned behavior
Hominid Human or other creature that walks upright
Paleolithic Old Stone Age
Neolithic New Stone Age
Technology Ways of applying knowledge, tools, and inventions to meet needs
Homo Sapiens Species name for modern humans
Nomad Person who wanders from place to place
Hunter-Gatherer Person whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant foods
Neolithic Revolution Agricultural revolution that occurred during the Neolithic period
Domestication Taming of animals
Civilization Culture with advanced cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, record keeping, and improved technology
Specialization Development of skills in a specific kind of work
Artisan Skilled worker that makes goods by hand
Institution Long-lasting pattern of organization in a community
Scribe Professional record keeper
Cuneiform Wedge-shaped writing developed in Sumer
Bronze Age Time when people began using bronze (tools & weapons)
Barter Trading goods and services without money.
Ziggurat Pyramid-shaped monument; part of a temple in Sumer
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