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ch 1-4 study&review

Phlebotomy Essentials

Early equipment used for bloodletting included all of the following EXCEPT the hemostat
The factor that contributes to the phlebotomist's professional image is attitude
The initials for title granted after successful completion of the American Society for Clinical Pathology phlebotomy examination are PBT (phlebotomy technician)
The principles of right and wrong conduct as they apply to professional problems are called ethics
The law that established national standards for the electronic exchange of protected health information is HIPPA
Which of the following may be a duty of the phlebotomist? Perform POCT (point of care testing)
Which of the following is an example of proxemics? zone of comfort
Which of the following is proper telephone technique? being careful of the tone of your voice when answering the phone.
An institution that provides inpatient services is a hospital
State and federally funded insurance is called Medicaid
The specialty that treats disorder of old age is called gerontology
The department in the hospital that prepares and dispenses drugs is pharmacy
The microbiology department in the laboratory performs culture and sensitivity testing
The abbreviation for the routine hematology test that includes hemoglobin, hematocrit, red blood count, and white blood count determinations is CBC (complete blood count)
Which of the following laboratory professionals is specified by CLIA as responsible for the administration of a specific clinical area, such as chemistry? Technical supervisor
Which of the following is the oldest and largest healthcare standards-setting body in the nation? The Joint Commission
The CLIA federal regulations are administered CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services)
Which of the following are set up to monitor all areas of care that tend to cause problems? Quality indicators
Proper patient identification means actively involving patients in their own identification
What manual describes the necessary steps to follow in patient preparation for laboratory test? The Test Catalog
Which of the following can identify trends for risk management? Test menus
Informed consent means that a patient agrees to a procedure after being told of the consequence associated with it.
A national organization that develops guidelines and sets standards for laboratory procedures is CLSI.
A physician is sued for negligence due to the actions of an inexperienced, contracted phlebotomist hired to cover summer vacations. This is an example of vicarious liability.
A young adult comes to an outpatient lab to have his blood drawn. The phlebotomist refuses to draw this patient's blood because the patient has not reached the age of majority in the state.
The NPSGs are TJC's annual safety requirement goals.
A delta check refers to comparing current test results with previous one.
Blood culture contamination is a quality indicator for the Microbiology Department.
Failure to exercise "due care" is negligence.
The statute of limitations timing can begin on the day the negligent act took place.
Which of the following situations involves an HAI? (Healthcare-associated infection) A patient in ICU has an incision that becomes infected
Reverse isolation may be used for a patient with severe burns
The single most important means of preventing the spread of infection is proper hand antisepsis
The most frequently occurring lab-acquired infection is hepatitis B
To destroy transient microorganisms when washing hands, use antiseptic soap
In the event of a body fluid splash to the eyes, the victim should immediately flush eyes with water for 10 minutes
Which of the following items is PPE? Nonlatex gloves
Which of the following examples of potential exposure to blood-borne pathogens involves a parenteral route of transmission? Rubbing the eyes while processing specimens
Surfaces in the specimen collection and processing area should be cleaned with 1:10 bleach solution
Which of the following is a proper way to clean up a small blood spill that has dried on a countertop? Moisten it with a disinfectant and carefully absorb it with a paper towel.
Distance, time, and shielding are principles of radiation safety.
Safe working conditions are mandated by OSHA.
A globally harmonized signal work signifies severity of a hazard faced.
According to the HAI prevalence surveys the most common pathogen is Clostridium difficile.
When exiting an isolation room, this item of PPE must be removed outside the room. Respirator
Which part of gastr/o/enter/o/logy is the suffix? (gastroenterology) logy
Which on of the following organizations writes guidelines for laboratory practices? CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute)
What does the suffix -algia mean? pain
The plural form of atrium is atria
The medical term for red blood cell is erythrocyte
cystitis means inflammation of the bladder
The "e" is pronounced separately in D. all of the above diastole, syncope, systole
The abbreviation NPO means nothing by mouth
Which of the following abbreviations is on the Joint Commission "Do Not Use' list? IU (International Unit)
A prefix comes before a word root and modifies its meaning.
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