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Medi Term Mid-term

Mod 1-9_Combining Forms & Meanings

aden/o gland (combining form)
arthr/o joint (combining form)
bi/o life (combining form)
carcin/o cancerous (combining form)
cardi/o heart (combining form)
cephal/o head(combining form)
cerebr/o brain; cerebrum (combining form)
cis/o to cut (combining form)
crin/o to secrete; to form & give off (combining form)
cyst/o urinary bladder; cyst; sac of fluid (combining form)
cyt/o cell (combining form)
derm/o; dermat/o skin (combining form)
electr/o electricity (combining form)
encephal/o brain (combining form)
enter/o intestines, usually small intestines (combining form)
eryth/o red (combining form)
gastr/o stomach (combining form)
gnos/o knowledge (combining form)
gynec/o woman, female (combining form)
hemat/o; hem/o blood (combining form)
hepat/o liver (combining form)
iatr/o treatment, physician (combining form)
leuk/o white (combining form)
nephr/o kidney (combining form)
neur/o nerve (combining form)
onc/o tumor (combining form)
ophthlalm/o eye(combining form)
oste/o bone (combining form)
path/o disease (combining form)
ped/o child (combining form)
psych/o mind (combining form)
radi/o x-rays (combining form)
ren/o kidney (combining form)
rhin/o nose (combining form)
sarc/o flesh (combining form)
sect/o to cut (combining form)
thromb/o clot, clotting (combining form)
ur/o urinary tract, urine (combining form)
abdomnin/o abdomen (combining form)
adip/o fat (combining form)
anter/o front (combining form)
bol/o cast; throw (combining form)
cervic/o neck; cervix, neck of uterus (combining form)
chondr/o cartilage (combining form)
chrom/o color (combining form)
coccyg/o coccyx/tailbone (combining form)
crani/o skull (combining form)
cyt/o cell (combining form)
dist/o far; distant (combining form)
dors/o back portion of the body (combining form)
hist/o tissue (combining form)
ili/o ilium/part of the peliv bone (combining form)
inguin/o groin (combining form)
kary/o nucleus (combining form)
later/o side (combining form)
lumb/o lower back; loin (combining form)
medio middle (combining form)
nucle/o nucleus (combining form)
pelv/i pelvic bone/hip (combining form)
poster/o back (of body); behind (combining form)
proxim/o near (combining form)
sacr/o flesh (combining form)
spin/o spine/backbone; spinal cord (combining form)
thel/o nipple (combining form)
thorac/o chest (combining form)
trache/o trachea/windpipe (combining form)
umbilic/o navel/umbilical cord (combining form)
ventr/o belly side of body (combining form)
vertebr/o vertebrea/backbones (combining form)
viscer/o internal organs (combining form)
abdomin/o abdomen
acr/o extremities; top; extreme point
acu/o sharp, severe, sudden
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
amni/o amnion (sac surrounding the embryo in the uterus)
angi/o vessel
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
axill/o armpit
bi/o life
blephar/o eyelid
bronch/o bronchus
carcin/o cancer
cardi/o heart
chem/o drug/chemical
chondr/o time
col/o colon (large intestine)
cyst/o urinary bladder
encephal/o brain
erthyr/o red
hem/o blood
hepat/o liver
hydr/o water/fluid
inguin/o groin
isch/o to hold back
lapar/o abdomen/abdominal wall
laryng/o larnyx/voice box
leuk/o white
lymph/o lymph (clear fluid that bathes tissue spaces, is contained in special lymph vessels/nodes throughout the body)
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
morph/o shape/form
muc/o mucus
my/o muscle
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow (context of usage indicates the meaning intended)
necr/o death (of cells/whole body)
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
neutr/o neutrophil (a white blood cell)
nucle/o nucleus
ophthalm/o eye
oste/o bone
ot/o ear
path/o disease
peritone/o peritoneum
phag/o to eat/swallow
phelb/o vein
plas/o formation/development
pleur/o pleura (membrane surrounding lungs & adjecent to chest wall)
pneumon/o lungs
radi/o x-rays
rect/o rectum
ren/o kidney
rhin/o nose
sarc/o flesh
splen/o spleen
staphyl/o clusters
strept/o twisted chains
thorac/o chest
thromb/o clot
tonsill/o tonsils
trache/o trachea / windpipe
ven/o vein
carp/o wrist bones
cib/o meals
cis/o to cut
cost/o rib
cutane/o skin
dactyl/o fingers/toes
duct/o to lead/carry
flex/o to bend
furc/o forking/branching
gloss/o tounge
immun/o protection
morph/o shape/form
mort/o death
nat/i birth
nect/o bind/tie/connect
norm/o rule/order
ox/o oxygen
pub/o pubis/ anterior portion of pelvic/hipbone
seps/o infection
somn/o sleep
son/o sound
the/o to put/place
thel/o thryroid gland
top/o place/position/location
tox/o poison
trache/o windpipe/trachea
urethr/o urethra
an/o anus
append/o appendix
appendic/o appendix
bucc/o cheek
cec/o cecum
celi/o belly, abdomen
cheil/o lip
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile duct
col/o colon, large intestine
colon/o colon
dent/i tooth
duoden/o deudenum
enter/o instestines, usually small intestine
esophag/o esophagus
faci/o face
gastr/o stomach
gingiv/o gums
gloss/o toungue
hepat/o liver
ile/o ileum
jejun/o jejunum
labi/o lip
lapar/o abdomen
lingu/o tounge
mandibul/o lower jaw/mandible
odont/o tooth
or/o mouth
palat/o palate
pancreat/o pancreas
peritone/o peritoneum
pharyng/o throat
proct/o anus/rectum
pylor/o pyloric sphincter
rect/o rectum
sialaden/o salivary gland
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
stomat/o mouth
uvul/o uvula
amyl/o starch
bil/i gall, bile
bilirubin/o bilirubin (bile pigment)
chol/e gall, bile
chlorhydr/o hydrochloric acid
gluc/o sugar
glyc/o sugar
glycogen/o glycogen, animal starch
lip/o fat
lith/o stone
prote/o protein
sail/o saliva, salivary
steat/o fat
bucc/o buccal; cheek
cec/o cecum
celi/o belly; abdomen
cheil/o lip
chol/e bile; gall
cholangi/o bile duct/vessel
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile cudt
col/o colon
colon/o colon
dent/i teeth
dueden/o duodenum
enter/o intestine
esophag/o esophogus
gastr/o belly; stomach
gingiv/o gums
gloss/o tongue
glyc/o glucose; glycogen
hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
ile/o ileum
jejun/o jejunum
labi/o labia
lingu/o tounge
lip/o fat; lipid
lith/o stone
odont/o tooth
or/o mouth; oral
palat/o palate
pancreat/o pancreas; pancreatic
proct/o anus, rectum
pylor/o pylorus
rect/o rectum
sailaden/o salivary gland
splen/o spleen
steat/o fat
stomat/o mouth
cali/o, calic/o calyx (calix)
cyst/o urinary bladder
glomerul/o glomerulus
meat/o meatus
nephr/o kidney
pyel/o renal pelvis
ren/o kidney
trigon/o trigone (region of bladder)
ureter/o ureter
urethe/o urethra
vesic/o urinary bladder
albumin/o albumin (protein in blood)
azot/o nitrogen
bacteri/o bacteria
dips/o thrist
ket/o, keton/o ketone bodies (ketoacids and acetone)
lith/o stone
noct/o night
olig/o scanty
py/o pus
ur/o urine (urea)
urin/o urine
amni/o amnion
cervic/o cervix, neck
colp/o vagina
culd/o cul-de-sac
episi/o vulva
galact/o milk
gynec/o woman, female
hyster/o uterus, womb
lact/o milk
mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
men/o menses, menstruation
metr/o, metri/o uterus
my/o, myom/o muscle, muscle tumor
nat/i birth
obstetr/o pregnancy & childbirth
o/o egg
oophor/o ovary
ov/o egg
ovari/o ovary
ovul/o egg
perine/o perineum
phor/o to bear
salping/o fallopian tubes
uter/o uterus
vagin/o vagina
vulv/o vulva
andr/o male
balan/o glans penisGreek balanos = acorn
cry/o cold
crypt/o hidden
epididym/o epididymis
gon/o seedGreek gone = seed
hydr/o water, fluid
orch/o, orchi/o, orchid/o testis, testicleGreek orchis = orchidcomparision to orchid is to describe the fleshy tubers on the rootstocks of the orchids
prostat/o prostate gland
semin/i semen, seed
sperm/o, spermat/o spermatozoa, semen
terat/o monsterGreek teras = monster
test/o testis, testicle
varic/o varicose veins
vas/o vessel, ductvas deferens
zo/o animal life
chori/o, chorion/o chorion
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