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Chap.1God's Mystery

Faith is the reality of what is ___________for, the proof of what is not_____________. Hebrews 11:1 hoped, seen
If you do not stand firm in your __________, you do not ____________at all. Isaiah 7:9 faith, stand
Why were you created? to know, love and serve God in this life, so we can be happy with him in heaven someday
someone who dies because of his/her faith in Jesus martyr
everywhere at all time omnipresent
post baptismal denial of a Church Truth heresy
meeting of the Church leadership about an important matter ecumenical council
In the Year of our Lord A.D.
formal statement of beliefs creed
union of the two natures of Christ - fully human and fully God hypostatic union
letter written by the pope to instruct the faithful encyclical
the pope and his bishops - the teaching office of the Church magisterium
firmness of faith when things get tough fortitude
essential teaching of the Church that cannot be changed dogma
when we celebrate the feast of a martyr the priest wears this color red
1st martyr stoned to death Stephen
put to death in Rome for preaching about Jesus Peter
fed to wild animals Perpetua
He defended the faith against King Henry's demands Becket
1st Catholic priest born in Korea Andrew Taegon
died in a Nazi concentration camp Edith Stein
How has God revealed Himself to us? Creation, Jesus, Sacred Scripture
Who is the "Word" John talks about? Jesus
Jesus was fully human in all things but sin
this heresy denied the divinity of Christ Arianism
He spoke out about Arianism and defended Christ's divinity Athanasius
1st formal Church Council where Nicene Creed was formed Nicea
This council declared Mary to be "Theotokos" (God bearer) Ephesus
This council taught that Jesus was the second person of the Trinity Chalcedon
Where we get our Catholic beliefs from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition
Faith handed down from the first pope, Peter, all the way down to our current pope Sacred Tradition
Created by: Dana Doyle
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