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Dys Abnormal
itis inflammation
hyper high
peri around
Trans across/opposite
tomy surgical opening
scope study of
anti against
sub below
mal bad
brady slow
retro behind
poly many
post after
neo new
ante before
epi out/above
hemi half
tachy fast
Prefix The beginning/front
Wood Root Body
Suffix The ending
Confidentiality Kept secret
Empathy Sensitivity
Good judgement Using knowledge etc to assess all aspects of a situation and reach a decision
Ethnocentrism Believing ones race etc is more important than another
fx fracture
tx treatment
px physical
bx biopsy
hx history
HA headache
FB full body
URI Upper Respitory Infection
SOB shortness of breath
HOH hard of hearing
UTI Urinary tract infection
HTN hypertension
CHF congestive heart failure
CC cheif complaint
Hemo Blood
Hepato liver
reno kidney
glyco sugar
osteo bone
nephro kidney
thrombo clot
prn as needed
rhino nose
ectomy surgical opening
emia lack of
logist practice of
oma tumor
a without
dynia pain
S. O. A. P Subjective Objective Assessment Plan
Created by: CnaMommy6