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Blood Culture Proced

What is a Blood Culture? Its a micro test,where blood is taken from a pt, its then inoculated into sterile media culture bottles to derermine if the infection causing microorganisms have invaded the pts bloodstream.
What can poorly collected or contaminated samples cause/result in? Failure to isolate the causative organism, will be of no clinical benefit to pt or the doctor, can lead to inappropriate treatment of pt, wasting of pts,Drs,labs money and time, and also possible death of pt.
Why is it difficult to isolate pathogenic organisms in the blood? A low number of organisms can lead to a false negative result, and the potential of sample contamination is higher which leads to false positive results.
How does blood culture bottles work? Bottles utilises a colorimetric sensor & reflected light to monitor the presence & production of CO2 disolved in medium. If present=CO2 is produced(as mo grow & metabolize substances in the bottle). When CO2 is produced=the colour gas sensitive sensor loc
What type of additives is in blood culture bottles? Tryptic Soy Broth and Sodium Polyanethole Sulfonate (SPS)
Define the additive Tryptic Soy Broth: Nutritious medium containing BHI(ūü߆Brain and ‚̧Heart infusion) that will support the growth of a wide variety of organisms.
Define the anticoagulant additive Sodium Polyanethole Sulfonate (SPS): SPS acts as an inhibitor of cellular elements that may use up the growth medium. Also the most common anticoagulant in BC bottles.
What is the priciples/Rules for BC collection? 1.BC should be collected proir to the administration of antibiotics. 2.BC should be obtained under the strictest aseptic conditions. 3.Avoid collecting BC from IV lines. 4.BC to be obtained from Veins and not Arteries. 5.Two sets of BC to be collected wit
One of the rules of BC collection is that BC specimens should be colleted proir to antibiotic administration what should you do if antibiotics was already administered? Record on the request form the name, dosage of antibiotics as well as the time the last dose was given. Failure to document this will lead to failure to isolate the causative organism.
Failure to follow strict aseptic conditions can result in? Contaminant(usually from phleb)will grow faster than the pathogen. Resulting in lab reporting incorrect organism, serve no clinical benefit ro pt and can lead to incorrect treatment and possible death of pt.
BC collection from IV lines can cause? Microorganism contamination which is associated with higher contamination rates.
Why can't you collect arterial blood for a BC specimen? Arterial blood is associated with a higher diagnotic yield as arterial blood is seen as cleaner blood as its pumps throughout the body under intense pressure.
What does the principle/rule of colectting 2 sets of adeqaute volume mean? 2 sets(aerobic & anaerobic per set) must be collected from 2 different sites on an adult pt. If only one site is available- same site may be used after waiting 15 min & new pack is used. Drawing the correct Volume is important- ratio of blood to culture i
Why is a butterfly / needle & syringe method better than a multisample needele and vacutainer? Because of the risk of reflux of additives.
Why is the correct volume of blood important? The optimal recovery of recovering pathogens in bloodstream depends on culturing an adequate volume of blood.Volume for adult pt- 20ml 10ml per bottle. If over filled= sub optimal blood to media ratios will result in false negative results. If anaerobic b
Which documentation information need to be on the form? Incl important info on bottle & request form like: ‚ú≥Specific site from which spec was collected like, eg left arm. ‚ú≥any recent or present antibiotic therapy. ‚ú≥Specific pathogens being sought(Dr will request). ‚ú≥Copy doctors. On request form= antibiotics,te
How do you transport blood culture specimens? Transport to lab ASAP. Never put BC specimens in a fridge. Transport to the lab at room temperature and not on ice.
What type of meds is very important to document? Antibiotic therapy- presence of anitmicrobial therapy in pts blood can inhibit the growth of microorganisms in the BC bottle.
In what order should a BC bottle be drawn if the indirect draw method with a needle and syringe is used? First Anaerobic then Aerobic.
In what order should a BC bottle be drawn if the direct draw method with a butterfly needle is used? First aerobic then anaerobic.
What additional substances is added to BC bottles that are required when a pt is on antibiotics? Activated Charcoal and Polymeric Beads.
What is the function for activated charcoal and Polymeric beads? Help neutralize the antibiotic and can also inhibit the growth of the antibiotic.
Ways to prevent contamination of BC during the blood collection procedure:
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