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Chapter 10

Civilization since the 1600s - Chapter 10

Ladder God's at the top of this (231)
Empyrean Location of God's throne in the Medieval view of the universe (231)
Pythagoras Taught that reality consists of numerical relations that the mind can grasp (232)
Copernicus Said the earth orbits the sun(233)
Heliocentric Means "sun is the center" (233)
Galileo Discovered four moons that orbit Jupiter (234)
Kepler Discovered 3 laws of planetary motion (235)
Inertia A body at rest remains at rest unless acted on by a force (237)
Bacon Developed the inductive method of reasoning (237)
Descartes Developed the deductive method of reasoning (238)
Enlightenment The new outlook started by the Scientific Revolution led to this (242)
Voltaire Leader of the French Enlightenment (243)
Hobbes Believed people are innately selfish and denounced the divine right of kings (245)
Locke Believed people are moved by an innate sense of moral obligation (245)
Encyclopedia Pope Clement XIII banned this in 1759 (249)
Laissez Faire no interference (251)
Gave money and provisions to the Americans during the Revolutionary War France (255)
Enlightened despotism strong monarch would remove obstacles to freedom (253)
Federalist Papers Major American contribution to 18th Century politics (254)
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