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WH 12

Late Medieval Period

Who invaded and united most of England in 1066? William the Conqueror
Common law had its beginnings under whom? Henry II
What document did King John sign that limited the king's power? Magna Carta
The Hundred Years War was between which two countries? England and France
Who established the French throne in Paris? Hugh Capet
Who unified Spain and expelled the Jews and Moors? Ferdinand and Isabella
Who expanded the Spanish Empire in the Western Hemisphere? Charles V
In Russia, who threw off the rule of the Mongols, centralized power in Moscow, and expanded the Russian nation? Ivan the Great
What were the crusades? Christians trying to regain control of the Holy Land from the Muslims
Who conquered the Byzantine Empire? Ottoman Turks
What decimated the population of much of Asia and then Europe? Black Death (Bubonic plague)
The Crusades began after a speech by which pope? Pope Urban II
When the Ottoman Empire conquered Byzantine, what did they rename Constantinople? Istanbul
What happened to the Hagia Sophia when the Ottomans came to Byzantine? It was changed to an Islamic mosque
How did the Black Death spread? fleas on rats (brought through port cities in Italy from Asia)
Who helped unify the French army and led France to victory in the Hundred Years War? Joan of Arc
Who was the leader of the Ottoman Turks who renamed Constantinople? Muhammad II (Mehmet II)
In the 1300s, what happened that caused a shorter growing season and an increase in famine? "little ice age"
The use of what made castles obsolete? cannons
How many people died from the Black Death between 1347 and 1352? 25 million (1/3 of the population of Europe)
Which religious group did Ferdinand and Isabella expel from its country's borders? Muslim Moors (and Jews)
Which city became the capital of the Russian empire under the tsars? Moscow
Monasteries in Europe laid the foundation for the first _____. universities
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