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WH 9

Middle Ages

What became more important as the Roman empire declined? Roman Catholic church
What signals the beginning of the Middle Ages? fall of the Western Roman Empire
Who invaded and caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire? Germanic tribes
Charles I helped the pope get rid of a gang of Romans, and the pope rewarded him by naming him ______. Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor
Monks in the Middle Ages spent their days doing what three things? working the land, praying, and copying texts
What system was created to protect people in Europe from invaders during the Middle Ages? feudalism
powerful, rich man who owns land lord
someone who manages a chunk of land for a lord and pledges his military service to the lord vassal
a peasant who is tied to the land (but not a slave) serf
What groups moved north into the British Isles? Angles and Saxons
What group moved from Central Asia into Hungary? Magyars
men who lived in monasteries monks
Frankish leader who defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours Charles Martel (Charles the Hammer)
advisor of the pope cardinal
head of a local parish parish priest
done by priests; marriage, last rites sacraments
head of the archdiocese archbishop
head of a smaller diocese bishop
Charlemagne's name before he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor Charles I
the land granted to a vessel from a lord fief
Frankish king who converted to Christianity and allied himself with the pope Clovis
the lord's estate manor
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